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Diet Mayo

Diet Mayo

During the diet recommended moderate exercise (dancing, running or cycling), it is better to give up weight training.

 Mayo Diet is designed for 7 days but may be longer stick to it.

In such cases, we recommend short breaks (2-3 days) between diet courses.


 Supporters of the power system point out that the plumb bob is from 4 to 8 kg per week. Mayo diet is balanced enough and diverse, so there are no problems with health and well-being deteriorates.

Disadvantages and contraindications

 Despite the diversity of the diet, the Mayo diet is strict. In addition, it takes time for the preparation of low-calorie soup daily.

 Mayo Diet is contraindicated in patients with diabetes, people with kidney disease, stomach and liver, for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as adolescents and the elderly.

 People with chronic diseases before the diet should consult a doctor.

Diet Mayo

 What foods are allowed?

Also soup diet administered only those products which are listed in the menu every day.

 Because vegetables are preferred leafy greens (spinach, lettuce and sorrel) and vegetables contain a lot of fiber and fiber (zucchini, radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes).

 May be slightly salted food and add a little seasoning, avoiding sharp.

 Which products are prohibited?

 All products are prohibited, except those in the diet menu.


Sample menu diet Mayo for 7 days:

 The first day of soup and any fruit except bananas.

 The second day
of soup, fresh vegetables, stewed or steamed.

 The third day of soup, fruits and vegetables, except potatoes and bananas.

 The fourth day soup, fruits and vegetables, you can add bananas (2 pcs.) And milk.

The fifth day of soup, tomatoes and boiled lean beef (800 g).

 The sixth day of soup, boiled lean beef (without limitation), vegetables, except potatoes.

 The seventh day of soup, brown rice and vegetables (in any amount), unsweetened fruit juices.

 The following products are needed for cooking fat burning soup:

 Cabbage - 1 medium head;
 Tomatoes - 3-5 pcs. medium size;
 Bulgarian pepper - 2 pcs. medium size;
 Onions - 6 medium onions;
 A bunch of celery;
 Salt, curry, black pepper.

 Preparation: The vegetables are washed, sliced, pour cold water and bring to a boil over high heat, boil for 8-10 minutes, then reduce the heat and cook a little longer until tender. At the end of cooking the soup salt and add the spices.

Fat-burning soup is eaten at any time during the day. It is not recommended to cook the soup for a few days, it is better to cook every day a fresh batch. If losing weight is away from home, the soup can be poured into a thermos and to satisfy their hunger as needed.

 Helpful hints

 Tip 1: During a diet Mayo can drink green tea without sugar and cream.

Tip 2: Out of the diet should be gradual, otherwise a high risk of rapid return of discarded kilograms.
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