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Diet for external hemorrhoids

Diet for external hemorrhoids

Recommended foods and dishes.

1. Bread and flour products: rye bread, wheat wholemeal.

2. Meat and poultry: different, better sinewy, a piece; poultry with skin; dishes of offal, jelly, sausage, hot dogs, sausages, ham.

3. Fish: lean various preparations, herring, smoked sprats, sardines in oil, fish eggs.

4. Eggs: hard-boiled eggs, fried eggs.

5. Dairy products: day-lactic acid drinks, cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese.

6. Fats: butter, ghee, vegetable oil, lard.

7. Cereals, pasta and legumes: barley, buckwheat (unground), millet, barley in the form of friable porridge and beans.

8. Fruits: all, especially beets, cabbage, radish, cucumber, seaweed in the form of eggs, salads, salads with vegetable oil, canned form.

9. soups: vegetables, fruit, legumes, beetroot soup, hash, soup, soup in a cool way.

10. The fruit, desserts and sweets: fruit and berries in their raw form (other than excluded), dried fruits (especially prunes), stewed fruit, jelly, apples, cookies, ice cream, jam, honey, syrups.

11. Sauces and spices different.

12. Drinks: fruit and vegetable juices (especially beet, carrot, apricot), kvass, weak tea and coffee, soft drinks cold.

Excluded from the diet the following products.

1. Grains: rice, oats, semolina, pasta, sago.

2. Soups: the mucous soups.

3. Fruits and berries: blueberries, quince, pomegranate, dogwood, cranberries, pears, jelly, chocolate.

Sample one-day menu

1st breakfast: fresh salad and apples with sour cream (150 g), green beans with eggs, fried in vegetable oil (260 g), porridge oat milk (280 g), tea with milk (180 g).

2nd breakfast: Fresh apples (100 g).

Lunch: soup of assorted vegetables in vegetable oil (400 g), boiled meat (55 g), braised beet (180 g), lemon jelly (125 g).

Snack: prunes soaked (50 g).

Dinner: stuffed vegetables with vegetable oil (200 g), Krupenik of buckwheat with cheese (200 g), tea (180 g).

At night: yogurt (180 g).

For all day: bread, rye bran (150 g), white bread (200g), butter (10 g), sugar (40 g).

Diet during the exacerbation of hemorrhoids

The acute course of the disease requires bed rest and diet adjustments. Besshlakovaya diet will allow to hold the chair and thus prevent irritation
hemorrhoids. During this period of 2-3 days the diet base consists of the following dishes and products:

- Meat broth,
- Protein omelet,
- Mucous rice porridge, boiled in water and flavored with a small piece of butter,
- Boiled meat, ground through a meat grinder,
- White crackers (3-4 pieces per day.).

It is important to ensure that the patient drink plenty of liquids. It includes:

- Lightly sweetened tea - 4-6 cups,
- Infusion of senna (yarrow, buckthorn, coriander, licorice) - 1 cup at night,
- Water.

Diet for chronic hemorrhoids

This diet is designed to protect the body from sharp and salty foods, as well as the products that provoke constipation or diarrhea (both exacerbates the symptoms of the disease). It is worth to remember that hemorrhoids requires an individual adjustment of the diet - precise recommendations can give a doctor. However, there are general provisions.

To avoid constipation is not overly fond of the protein food of animal origin. These include products such as meat, fish, cheese, eggs.
To avoid deterioration should be excluded from the diet: baking and sweets, salty and spicy food, alcoholic drinks.

It allowed a small amount of low-alcoholic beverages such as wine, cider and cocktails. The food can add fresh herbs (basil, dill, parsley and cilantro). It is necessary to exclude laxatives, but if constipation still there, that include products that have a laxative effect (prunes and dried apricots).

When addiction to frequent diarrhea is extremely important to identify the cause and only after that to adjust the diet.

If a strong gas formation have further to give up foods such as peas, beans, rye bread, cabbage. It should be approached individually and eliminate foods that cause such reactions in individual patients.
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