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» » 10 foods that help lose weight quickly

10 foods that help lose weight quickly

10 foods that help lose weight quickly

A pineapple

Rough fiber pineapple make the intestines work properly, and the substances present in the pulp, contribute to weight loss. In addition, pineapple contains useful vitamins A, PP, B12, B1 and B2, which helps to saturate the body.

10 foods that help lose weight quickly


This fruit reduces insulin levels, so I want to eat less. You can get a significant reduction in weight, if with every meal will eat half a grapefruit or drink 150 ml of juice from it.

10 foods that help lose weight quickly


The energy value of green is practically zero. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which speeds up metabolism and helps to quickly get rid of the fat in the waist area.

10 foods that help lose weight quickly


It is composed of a substance that promotes the removal of toxins and regulates metabolism. Ginger root improves the digestive process and the metabolism acceleration helps to lose weight faster.


In figs lot of ballast substances. Enough to eat two or three fruit, and hunger recede for a long period. In figs few calories, so there can be no fear of shape.

10 foods that help lose weight quickly


Celery is one of the best health food. It contains the minimum number of calories and high in fiber, which means that he quickly satisfies hunger without harm to the waist. Celery improves metabolism, allowing you to not worry about the extra kilograms. He quickly fills the stomach, bringing the minimum calories and speeding up the fat burning process. The most useful diet of raw celery, therefore it is better to prepare salads.

10 foods that help lose weight quickly

Green tea

It promotes weight loss and green tea - in its composition there are substances that promote the active burning fat. Nutritionists recommend drinking 3 cups a day of green tea to get the maximum effect. It is believed that in this way you will lose 70-80 calories per day. But abusing this drink should not be, because it is a stimulant effect on the nervous system.


The structure includes bran fiber and B vitamins, which help to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Bran slowly digested, so long quench hunger. They can be used in pure form, add in various dishes or include in the diet of bread with bran.

10 foods that help lose weight quickly


Wine, like any other alcohol - calorie product. In 100 ml of wine is from 60 to 200 calories, depending on the sugar content, and ethanol. But these calories are digested slightly different principle than those that come with food, so the likelihood of obesity from them is very low.

10 foods that help lose weight quickly


Nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, which help to burn extra calories in the waist area. Peanuts are ideal for snacking between meals. Due peanut accelerates metabolism, fatty acids and lower cholesterol levels. Almonds are rich in vitamins, calcium, dietary fiber, phosphorus, iron and essential fatty acids. Despite the high fat content, almonds promotes weight loss as part of the fat removed from the body, bypassing the stage of digestion and absorption. The pine nuts contained pinoleonovaya acid, which reduces appetite, moreover, they have more saturated proteins than in other types of nuts. Nuts are good for the body and promote weight loss, but they need to be there in small quantities.

A successful strategy for long-term weight loss is certainly a combination of these products with exercise.
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