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» » Casual product protects against high blood pressure

Casual product protects against high blood pressure

That bread is useful in normalizing the blood pressure, the staff spoke at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. At the same time, doctors emphasize that prevention of hypertension is not effectively use any bread - but with the bran, that is, raw cereals.

"For those who prefer bread made from whole grains, hypertension occurs on 19% less," - said American experts.

This conclusion is based on the results of medical research, which lasted 18 years. During this period, scientists have examined more than 51 thousand men aged 40 to 75 years. Monitoring the health of volunteers showed that to prevent high blood pressure is important to consume the right amount of fiber.

Casual product protects against high blood pressure

According to scientists, fiber not only promotes the normalization of the bowel, but also indirectly affect the normalization of pressure. Experts came to the conclusion that a day should eat at least 85 grams of whole grains per day.

Also, recently scientists have been notified that the pressure can be normalized, if you regularly eat a pear, fruits which are high in fiber.
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