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» » Named the best products to use in the fall

Named the best products to use in the fall

In autumn food "short list" must be made at least seven names, experts say. Their opinion on the subject was published in the Journal of Steak Lovers.

One of the most useful autumn food they call apple. These fruits, according to experts, to help maintain heart health and increase stamina. These fruits contain quercetin - a flavonoid which enhances the activity of saturation of oxygen to tissues, doctors explained.

Also in the fall need to regularly eat cauliflower, thanks to which the work of the heart improves. In turn, conducted at the University of Hawaii study showed that three servings of cauliflower a week to help the liver get rid of the fat layers.

Pumpkin, experts say, can be a substitute for bananas - it is practically the same large amounts of potassium, important for activity of the heart. In addition, the use of dietary pumpkin gives effect because it helps to maintain the feeling of satiety for longer.

Named the best products to use in the fall

Other substitutes can become rutabaga doctors advise to use it instead of potatoes, passion that threatens to obesity. Swede has a very low calorific value with a high content of fiber and rich in antioxidants.

Doctors also recommend to cook at least twice a week mushrooms. This product contains high concentrations of selenium and vitamin D, which improves the immune system and protects against cancers.

In addition, in the autumn diet food, be sure to include the pomegranate juice and cranberry juice. Their use, experts say, increases endurance and strengthens the nervous system, helping to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria.
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