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» » Products for maintenance of hormonal balance in women

Products for maintenance of hormonal balance in women

Products for maintenance of hormonal balance in women

When disturbed hormonal changes mood, there are skin problems, hair become brittle and fall out, increasing the pressure to gain weight, can be triggered by the appearance of tumor formation, the development of mastitis, fibroids. Despite the fact that you can offer to solve your problems with the help of medication hormones, it is worth trying for starting to use a diet that will help restore hormone production to normal levels.

Progesterone is important to create a calm state of women. This hormone makes the woman sluggish, carefree, especially noticeable during pregnancy, when it is produced in large quantities. This hormone soothes and improves sleep. If the production of progesterone reduced the increase intake of animal protein: meat, poultry, fish, eggs and products containing vitamins P and C (Ascorutinum) - citrus fruits, rosehips, black currant, etc. Follow mode fluid intake... When a sufficient amount of progesterone in the blood bone remains strong until a ripe old age, as the calcium from the bones is not washed away.

If you have found an excessive amount of estrogen, pay attention to nutrition. Eliminate from your diet all foods that help to maintain this high level. Include in the diet that will facilitate the conclusion of excess hormones from the body or is blocking its production.

Products for maintenance of hormonal balance in women

Dietary insoluble fiber facilitate removal from the body of estrogen. They are found in cereals, sprouted grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, seaweed, seaweed, beets, carrots, tomatoes, apples, whole grain bread, and others. Cruciferous, which include cabbage, radishes, zucchini have a substance that accelerates the removal of estrogen from organism. It is useful to drink green tea, it is a source of useful for the body of biologically active substances: flavonoids, flavones, and it contains a large group of vitamins and others.

From diet to exclude foods that cause the secretion of bile. The fact that bacteria isolated from the intestinal bile additional hormones, and which is so much blood. As a result, excess hormones can cause tumor formation. Furthermore, when large quantities of fat entering intestinal bacteria can not recycle all the components of bile. The remainder resulting bile remains in the intestines.

Bile is a potent chemical irritant, it corrodes the intestinal mucosa partially absorbed into the blood, liver and kidney overloading. And bile fat during processing leads to the growth of bacteria that can cause dysbacteriosis. Therefore, harmful fatty foods, coffee (coffee increases the level of the free acids and increases the imbalance in women, promotes the release of bile), beans are also excluded from the diet.

Carcinogens - heavy contributing factor of the imbalance in women. Therefore, in addition preservatives, dyes and food additives should be excluded smoking, both active and passive. Although some studies have shown that smokers have lower levels of estrogen, but it is several times increases the production of the hormone catecholamine, which triggers the tumor.

At low levels of estrogen refuse bread and pastry, meal, since fiber takes and displays the body of estrogen. Also avoid birth control pills with low estrogen.

Pulses are sources of estrogen. These include beans, peas, beans; of herbs -. clover, yellow acacia, licorice, sweet clover, etc. These plants increase the bile secretion that promotes the synthesis of estrogens from bile acids.

Phytoestrogens. In the coming periods and menopause recommend how plant hormones replacement therapy. Phytoestrogens are flax seeds, pine nuts, wild rose. Well take herbal teas - from St. John's wort, peppermint, lemon balm, sage.

Bor - an element that has a significant effect on the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, vitamins and hormones, affects some enzymes. Studies have shown that boron may affect the metabolism of a number of trace elements: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Elimination of boron deficiency in women gives an increase of estrogen, improve brain function, memory, normalizes behavioral reactions. Boron enters the human body through food, boron, digestion is about 90%, the remaining 10% are excreted in urine.

The average person in the rate of boron is 1-2 mg. Toxic dose for humans - 4 years
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