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» » Why is it necessary to use cinnamon in autumn

Why is it necessary to use cinnamon in autumn

It enriches the body with antioxidants

Scientists have shown that a teaspoon of ground cinnamon contains as much antioxidants as half cup of blueberries. Especially rich in polyphenol spice. This unique antioxidant protects the heart and blood vessels, prevents atherosclerosis occurrence, and also helps to preserve youthfulness.

It promotes weight loss

The beneficial properties of cinnamon for weight loss - is a scientific fact. It is known that this aromatic spice reduces the glycemic index of food at 18-29%, which is a great impetus for weight loss. Additionally, spice accelerating carbohydrate metabolism and preventing their conversion to fat. Thus, eating dishes, flavored with cinnamon, you burn more calories.

Why is it necessary to use cinnamon in autumn

It has anti-inflammatory properties

The use of cinnamon for an organism is the ability of herbs to fight infection and repair damaged tissue due to the presence of aldehydes in its composition. Cinnamon oil is used in the treatment of respiratory tract infections, and she sets spice prevents growth of bacteria, including Salmonella.

It improves attention and memory

Experts recommend including cinnamon in the diet of schoolchildren, as well as those people whose work is connected with high mental activity. Two or three pinches of spices per day can positively affect your concentration, enhance vision and improve memory. The use of cinnamon prevents fatigue and increases the body's resistance to viral diseases.

It relieves symptoms of colds and flu

Effective cinnamon and flu or the common cold virus. This useful spice ease a headache, will increase sweating, breathing easier, help relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa. After drinking tea with cinnamon you will feel a surge of strength, and your immune system will get significant support.
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