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» » Doctors recommend to strengthen the body of Tibetan power system

Doctors recommend to strengthen the body of Tibetan power system

The basic rules of Tibetan power system

1. Orienting on the time of year

In the winter, according to Tibetan healers, there should be a lot in the summer - the rate should be cut back significantly, and in the spring and autumn there is a little bit. In addition, in winter and in rainy weather is warming to prefer eating in the summer and warm days - neutral or cooling. In the spring, it is desirable to use a dry and coarse food.

2. Everything in moderation

According to Tibetan medicine, it is harmful not only to overeat, but undernourished, best eaten in moderation. If the food is easy - you can eat your fill if severe - the half that easy. Once you have eaten half of your stomach should be filled with food, quarter - liquid, and another quarter - must be empty. In addition, it does not have as long as the previous food is not digested.

3. Do not combine incompatible

 You can not combine incompatible products. Such, for example, include a combination of fish and meat, pork and buckwheat porridge, milk and fruit. Chicken eggs and fish, brown sugar and lentils, eggs any dairy products, the combination of fish and milk - all these "duets" poison form.

Doctors recommend to strengthen the body of Tibetan power system

4. Follow the drinking regime

You need to drink a lot. But eating can not drink more than double the volume of food eaten. Cold drinks can not drink eating, which are added animal fats.

5. Eat only fresh food

It is important to never eat spoiled and unripe fruit and vegetables, as well as burnt, undercooked and undercooked food. Do not eat that stand in the refrigerator for a long time. It is desirable to prepare only once.

6. Do not ignore the rule of "four hours"

be sure to wait at least four hours between meals. During this time, food time to digest. If you wanted to have a meal in those four hours, wash down with hunger any liquid, no matter how it will be high-calorie and nutritious. The main thing - do not eat solid food.

7. Eat different foods, depending on the time of day

For breakfast there are useful cereal, porridge, bread, meal, lunch - meat dish, and for dinner - salads or yogurt.

8. No vegetarianism

Meat in Tibetan medicine - a very important part of the diet. It contains protein, which is very important for the body. Giving up meat is not welcome.
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