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» » Benefits and harms of soybeans for women and men.

Benefits and harms of soybeans for women and men.

Soybeans are very rich in protein. Soy protein composition of amino acids similar to proteins of animal origin, which makes soy products essential part of the diet of vegetarians.

In addition, soy contains considerable amounts of vitamins and nutrients such as:

Vitamin E, which is often called the vitamin of youth. He has on the body a powerful antioxidant effect, it helps fight free radicals and slows down the age-related changes in the body.

Vitamins B, necessary for normal functioning of the central nervous system. They are actively involved in the metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

Choline, helps to speed up the body's recovery process.

Lecithin, accelerating metabolism.

Fatty acids are involved in the creation of the membranes of each cell in the body.

Rich soy and micronutrients, including calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Without them, it can not be the normal operation of the cardiovascular system.

Proven fact is the reduction of cholesterol in the blood due to the consumption of soy products. This is an important factor in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of soy for women

Benefits and harms of soybeans for women and men.

Products based on soybeans contain isoflavones. It is their presence causes the benefit of soy for women's health. These substances are natural estrogen - analogs of female sex hormones. They soften manifestations of menopause, hormonal changes and the process of the body during menopause occurs more smoothly and without pain for the woman.

Moreover, isoflavones reduce the risk of breast cancer. The composition of medicines for the treatment of cancer patients includes substances with properties similar to isoflavones, while the latter do not have a huge amount of side effects.

Soy foods allows for a long time to maintain a slim figure. Part of the bean lecithin improves metabolism, preventing excess calories deposited at the waist.

The use of soy for men

Benefits and harms of soybeans for women and men.

Useful impact of soy on the body men due to the content in it a considerable amount of easily digestible protein. When combined with exercise soy protein helps build muscle and strength. Furthermore, choline consisting of soy accelerates regeneration of muscle tissue.

Manufacturers of sports nutrition actively offer soy protein as an alternative to the more expensive animal proteins.

Soy Harm

Although the composition rich in vitamins, soy can not be considered uniquely useful product. Moreover, some people should not eat soy products, as they have serious contraindications.

soy-based products should not be used for children. Firstly, a strong soy allergen, and secondly, because of the high content of phytohormones, soy products may have a negative effect on thyroid function.

Because of the high salt content of soybeans and products based on them are contraindicated for people with renal failure, urolithiasis and other abnormalities of the kidneys and bladder.

Scientific studies have shown that older people who consume soy products, the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease increased by 2-4 times, therefore it is necessary to abandon soybeans in old age.

People with thyroid dysfunction soy products also contraindicated due to the high content of substances - analogues of human hormones.

In addition, men should avoid eating soy in large quantities, to avoid problems with the production of male sex hormones.
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