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Why do you need to drink kefir at night

1. Kefir very effectively normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, restores the intestinal microflora (for example, after taking antibiotics), helps to prevent constipation and colitis. It should also be aware that, after standing a couple of days or more, yogurt strengthens and does not act as a mild laxative. Also, if you have gastritis, you stale yogurt contraindicated.

2. This beverage contains calcium, which is known to strengthen the bone. And calcium from yogurt to digest much better than from milk.

3. The kefir is also a protein that is the basic building material of the body.

4. Kefir stimulates the immune system, thus preventing, in particular, chronic fatigue and failures in the nervous system.

5. Kefir provides the body with nutrients and biologically active elements (including vitamins, amino acids, peptides, and others.).

6. Thanks to regular kefir consumption reduces blood cholesterol levels, which helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

7. Kefir contains lactic acid and bifidobacteria, which hamper the development of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms. So, after one to two weeks of daily consumption of yogurt, disappear from the urine of indole and phenolic compounds.

8. An hour kefir absorbed by the body almost completely, while, for example, milk - only one-third.

9. This drink counteracts the occurrence of allergic reactions.

10. Kefir prevents the development of osteoporosis, which is especially important for people over the age of fifty.

11. Due to the presence of lactic acid in kefir, it is perfectly quenches thirst.

12. Kefir reduces the risk of colon and rectal tumors, including cancer.

13. The acidic environment which produces kefir in the stomach, improves the absorption of calcium, iron, vitamin D and all nutrients.

14. Regular consumption of kefir promotes weight loss and increases the overall vitality of the body, causing a feeling of lightness. By the way, the extra weight can be eliminated by making one of the days of the week unloading, on this drink. This day should consume only 1.5 liters of a good low-fat kefir: 0.5 cups at intervals of a few hours.

15. Kefir promotes excretion of toxins and simply unnecessary substances.

In conclusion, I would like to give some tips for choosing the drink, the more so today, many of its varieties can be seen in stores.

- Pay attention to the date of manufacture.
- Bacteria content should be: lactobacilli - 107 cfu per 1 gram, yeast - 104 CFU in 1 gram.
- Choose kefir containing protein in an amount not less than 2.8 g
- Choose kefir with no additives: it is useful.
- Do not be fooled 1 percentage fat: a yogurt at least useful, the more fat.
- Drink kefir milk-white color, without a translucent liquid on the surface.
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