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» » Metabolic Fitness and Why You Need A Metabolic Reset

Metabolic Fitness and Why You Need A Metabolic Reset

Metabolism is defined as: “the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.”
Everybody seems to want a faster metabolism, but it’s not necessary for you to lose weight. Why? Because your metabolism is just a set of chemical processes that maintain life in your cells. Though that’s a great and necessary thing, you don’t need a faster metabolism. You need a more functionally fit metabolism.

Metabolic Fitness

What does it mean to have a functionally fit metabolism? Simply put, metabolic fitness is your body’s ability to take food, turn it into energy and produce the life that you want. For example, if you have a “Fat” metabolism, then you will have a fat body that is inflamed, constantly run down, sick and tired. But when you have a “Fit” metabolism, your results will be that of a sexy, lean, youthful, radiant and healthy body, that is now naturally energetic.

Your metabolic fitness affects every aspect of your body’s functions. A poor, unfit metabolism will lead to an inflammatory environment in your body that is sluggish and disease producing. An unfit metabolism also leads to hormone production that works against you, causing your body to store fat, produce flabby muscles, sickness and disease.

In fact, all disease thrives in this environment – from arthritis to psoriasis, from diabetes to heart disease, from infection to cancer. Whereas, a healthy, functionally fit metabolism will produce an environment in your cells that is life producing and cancer inhibiting. A functionally fit metabolism will lead to hormone production that turns your body into a fat burning machine that is youthful, radiant, energetic and full of life! So, which would you prefer? Truly, the choice is yours! The lifestyle decisions that you make every day, constantly work to produce one or the other.

Metabolic Reset

The good news is that it is entirely possible to turn a Fat Metabolism into a Fit Metabolism. It is not a difficult and complicated process; however, it is not easy either. With some help and clear guidance, you can turn your metabolism around and get your hormones working for you instead of against you. You simply need a Metabolic Reset.
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