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» » Intercostal neuralgia - symptoms and treatment at home

Intercostal neuralgia - symptoms and treatment at home

Reasons intercostal neuralgia

Proper treatment of any disease, intercostal neuralgia, and in particular, it depends on the true cause of the problem set. Among the specific causes of neuralgia intercostal space it is worth noting the following:

• Nerve endings are straining the property that causes tingling in the ribs.

• compression of nerves and the nerves themselves is also one of the root causes.

• Diseases of the nervous system, the most nerves or nerve endings.

• Diseases of the thoracic spine, such as scoliosis, low back pain, tumors or metastases. Also, it can be hernia, which is located in the thoracic region.

Intercostal neuralgia - symptoms and treatment at home

• Injury or bacterial and infectious diseases in the chest. Such diseases that directly affect the chest area, can touch and affect the nerves, and it is intercostal neuralgia.

• The cause of neuralgia intercostal space may even be physical activity, stress and sudden hypothermia.

• Influence on nerves and nerve endings are allergies, fatigue, decreased immunity.

• May be the cause of the disease and the usual impact of external factors - lifting heavy objects, sharp turns or tilts the torso.

It often happens that the symptoms are similar neuralgia intercostal space with other related diseases, which are related to either the chest or to the nervous system. Because is possible to transfer quality is symptomatic of this disease, to know for sure.

The symptoms of intercostal neuralgia

1. Pain in the chest. They are particularly acute, tangible, pulsating and has established periodicity. These manifestations are so significant that given in the neck, shoulder blades and upper limbs.

Pain can be felt when you sneeze, cough or a strong breath. Sometimes they are so strong that man is even afraid once again to move, so as not to feel the strong pulse.

2. If you experience pain, you can follow the progress of the nerve impulse. If at this time to hold or slightly push in the region where the tingling, then the pain will only increase and will pulsate with even greater force.
Intercostal neuralgia - symptoms and treatment at home

3. Neuralgia can create not only pain, but also burning. Such phenomena can affect both the chest and give the top of the back and in the heart area.

Because neuralgia intercostal space can be confused with our heart diseases.
4. Tingling and pain intensified considerably if you make sharp turns or take any other physical activity on those areas of the body where it is localized disease.

With such qualities are accompanied by symptomatic and other similar diseases. Because it is necessary to establish the diagnosis with accuracy, to take the correct and necessary measures.

For example, intercostal neuralgia is characterized by pain of heart that the past have nothing to do with physical movements.

To establish the diagnosis of certain perform several slopes, cleared his throat, a deep breath or turn sharply. At the heart pain nothing will happen, but when neuralgia feeling only intensified.

Nitroglycerin can drink and all goes for heart pain. On intercostal neuralgia this medicine does not work.

If heart disease in humans changing body temperature, blood pressure and pulse is amplified, it is not neuralgia.

The pain of neuralgia suddenly catches up, sharply, greatly pricks and they are very noticeable. Heart pain often pulling and dull.

Similar to the neuralgia pain tingling may also be accompanied by a heart attack. But the pain does not subside for fifteen minutes, the pressure drops sharply, a man throws cold and covers the fear and panic.

Pain in the upper quadrant may also cause pancreatitis. This disease has a clear place of localization - the left upper quadrant. When this occurs nausea and vomiting.

Tingling and sometimes sharp stitching pains may be accompanied by gallstone disease. The difference is that the pain is localized only in the right upper quadrant and accompanying bitter taste in the mouth and nausea.

Treat intercostal neuralgia can, enlisting the help of professionals or self prodelyvat set of exercises.

Methods of treatment at home

Intercostal neuralgia - symptoms and treatment at home

If you are diagnosed with intercostal neuralgia, it is primarily necessary to observe the correct bed rest. Ought to sleep on a hard surface, the entire body was located at the same level. In this case, no nerves anywhere else will not be clamped.

By following bed rest, it is necessary to simultaneously heat the place where the greatest pain is localized. As warming will only fit dry heat - hot sand bag or a woolen scarf.

If the pain is very severe, then quickly warm the affected area, you can use mustard plaster or warming pepper patch.

In addition to these procedures, prescribe massages, physical therapy, ultraviolet irradiation, special exercises for the spine, and the use of laser.

The pharmacy now has a huge amount of relevant preparations - tablets, ointments, gels, warming solutions, injections (in special cases). It is worth also be taking vitamins of group B. There are whole vitamin complexes, which are prescribed in neuralgia intercostal space.

In addition to traditional methods of treatment and methods of using the medication, you can resort to traditional medicine.

Compresses, ointments, rubbing

Well help compresses of honey. They soothe the pain and anti-inflammatory effect. For this pre-lubricate the skin with vegetable oil, and honey is applied on top of layer.

This ointment can add fresh juice of black radish. This compress is necessary to wrap up the warming material - bag and scarf.
The same effect has and a piece of fresh burdock. It is applied to the affected area and wrap up warm.

Intercostal neuralgia - symptoms and treatment at home

Warming and analgesic effect are known and rubbing alcohol. The alcohol is mixed with different kinds of herbs - tysyacheletnikom, wormwood, birch buds - this solution is rubbed the chest.

As hot compress efficiently used svezhenatery horseradish.

In that case, if the pain is very severe and throbbing, it is possible to cook a hard boiled egg, cut it in half and attach the halves to the center of pulsation. When the egg cools, the pain subsides.

Good rubbing pork fat and infusion of lilac. It can be rubbed on the night, perfectly warm.

Decoctions and infusions

In addition to rubbing ointments, and you can drink herbal teas and infusions. Then use peppermint, willow bark, chamomile, Helichrysum, apricot seeds and lemon.

There are many recipes. Everyone can find his liking. You can also make lotions with alcohol-based with birch buds, flax seeds and arnica.

A good method is soothing bath in the decoction of aspen bark, lavender, eucalyptus, sage. They should be taken at bedtime, and then bundle up warmly. Such recipes can be found set.

Before starting treatment, it is better to consult a specialist. He must establish an accurate diagnosis, as intercostal neuralgia has many similar symptoms with other similar diseases.

Although better, when this does not bother you at all. It's enough to sit properly, keep the posture, with sedentary work to do warm-up and do not forget about charging and light exercise.
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