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» » What is a virus Zika?

What is a virus Zika?

Berkeley Wellness: What is a virus Zika and why there was an epidemic of it?

John Schwartzberg: Zika virus belongs to the family of flaviviruses. It was first discovered in 1947 in Uganda in the forest Sika. Before the virus was distributed only in Africa and Micronesia. How he got in the Western Hemisphere, is not known. Presumably, he was brought to Brazil during the World Cup or championship on rafting the world, which took place in 2014.

BerkeleyWellness: For whom the most dangerous this virus?

John Schwartzberg: Most contracted the virus Zika do not notice any symptoms. They occur in about two out of 10 cases and reduced to a small fever: fever, headache, and sometimes skin rashes. However, when the virus infects a pregnant woman, especially in the first trimester, it can disrupt fetal development - microcephaly. In children born there is a significant reduction in the size of the skull and brain. It is because of this doctors have sounded the alarm: the number of cases of microcephaly in Brazil reached 4 thousand from October 2015 to January 2016, whereas the usual number of such abnormalities is less than 150 cases per year.. Why Zika virus causes microcephaly, yet it is unclear.

BerkeleyWellness: Can a man completely cured of the virus?

John Schwartzberg: The human immune system copes with the virus. The virus is a health threat only in the first few days. Then the body completely destroying it and, apparently, produces a stable immune system, prevents re-infection.

BerkeleyWellness: There is a cure against this virus?

John Schwartzberg: So far there is no such medicine. Doctors recommend rest and normal diet. The disease goes away, like the common cold.

BerkeleyWellness: What are the preventive measures against the virus Zika?

John Schwartzberg: Vaccines it does not exist, although scientists are already busy developing it. Pregnant women are strictly contraindicated to visit countries where the epidemic spread of the virus.
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