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Where does the gas in the intestines?

Flatulence: what is the reason?
Firstly, it is isolated from the fermentation of food bacteria. Secondly, can swallow air while eating or talking (usually it goes to belch).
Flatulence is not severe or dangerous disease, but often the cause of embarrassment and discomfort.


Causes of flatulence

- Unhealthy diet (foods rich in carbohydrates are not digested, carbohydrates are fermented by bacteria in the gut)
- Consumption of carbonated drinks,
- Rapid ingestion of food and drinking large gulps,
- The conversation during the meal,
- Deformation of the sky, and the teeth of the nose,
- Intolerance to certain foods (eg, lactase deficiency - the inability to digest the milk sugar lactose)
- Frequent constipation (slow down the progress of food through the intestines, increase the likelihood of the fermentation and retain the escaping gases).

Symptoms of flatulence

- Belching,
- Bloating,
- Pain or discomfort in the abdomen.

What you can do

Try to eat less foods that cause flatulence.


 These include:

- Beans
- Different kinds of cabbage (broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts), onions, artichokes,
- Pears, apples and peaches,
- Whole grains, wheat bran,
- Soft drinks and fruit drinks,
- Milk and dairy products such as ice cream, cheese,
- Products containing lactose, such as bread, cereals.

Drink lots of water, broth, do not drink soda, beer, and soda (they enhance the fermentation processes in the gut). Try to let go of beverage gases, for example, pouring from a bottle into a glass.
Learn to eat slowly and chew thoroughly pieces of food. This will reduce the amount of air ingested.

Avoid chewing gum, hard candy and smoking.
Visit the dentist (especially if you have artificial teeth) in order to check the condition of the oral cavity.

You can take medication, eliminate flatulence (simethicone, activated carbon).

Consult your doctor if you suffer from constant flatulence (or acute attacks), accompanied by abdominal pain and weight loss.

What can a doctor

A doctor can determine the cause of flatulence and to exclude from the list of possible diagnoses more serious illness (eg, gallbladder disease). You will be assigned adequate treatment according to the etiology of the disease and symptomatic therapy. Sometimes you need the appointment of laxatives and drugs that improve intestinal motility.
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