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» » The symptoms of an impending stroke: the main features

The symptoms of an impending stroke: the main features

Symptoms of a stroke will depend on the order in which one part of the brain was a violation of the blood supply and the volume of inner defeat.

Approaching stroke makes itself felt some symptoms of which will be discussed.

- Increase in blood pressure, which can not knock down.

- There is a feeling of fullness and heaviness in the head, which in most cases occur in just a few hours before the stroke.

- Prolonged attack of atrial fibrillation. This is because the arteries supplying the central nervous system, blood clots come and disrupt blood flow through them. Also, the rhythm can spontaneously recover.

- Short-term appearance of focal symptoms.

-Tranzitornaya Ischemic attack.

- Intracranial hypertension and cerebral edema.

It happens that the gathering stroke may have non-specific symptoms that can occur in any disease of the central nervous system. These include:

- Nausea (and sometimes vomiting), which occur when irritated individual centers in the brain;
- Dizziness and severe headache, which only increased;
when changing body position in space;
- Tremor of the limbs and body, complete or partial loss of coordination of movement, and unsteadiness of gait;
- The appearance of inappropriate behavior, disorientation in space, time or self. It happens that before a stroke develops psychosis that makes the patient dangerous to themselves or others;
- Convulsions.

It is important to understand that each of these symptoms are not specific, but even the appearance of one of them - a serious reason to go to the reception to the neurologist.
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