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Top 7 most common sexually transmitted diseases

HPV infection

 Human papillomavirus (HPV) - a very common infection that causes skin lesions and mucous membranes. According to WHO, the HPV infection is found in more than 60% of the people living a regular sexual life. Of virus most often asymptomatic, but at lower HPV immunity leads to the formation of genital warts and flat on the membranes of the vagina, vulva, urethra, cervix. The virus is not as harmless as it seems - have oncogenic strains of HPV, and reliably established fact that they are responsible for more than 90% of cervical cancer cases.


 The most innocuous of existing reproductive tract infections. The disease is caused by tiny bacteria - ureaplasmas that live on the mucous membranes of the genitals. Asymptomatic carriers ureaplasmosis are about 50% of men and women. Ureaplasmas years exist in the human body, does not prove itself, however, the bacteria begin to grow rapidly when the microflora imbalance, leading to abuses of various kinds. In the chronic form of the infection can cause inflammation of the uterus, prostate, urolithiasis, urethritis, and even premature birth. ureaplasmosis Treatment is carried out with the appearance of pronounced signs of disease: discomfort in the genital area (burning, clear secretions of gravity in the abdomen).

 Genital herpes

 According to statistics, the carrier of genital herpes is every tenth person of mature age, but only 20% of them know about it. More than half the cases the disease is asymptomatic, which does not exclude the possibility of sexual transmission. Belonging to one of the types of herpes simplex virus, the illness can affect not only the genitals (vagina, its vestibule, cervix), but the lips (with oral contact), as well as the rectum. A typical manifestation is prone to rashes association bubbles which, bursting, constitute the painful sores.

 Intrigue of the disease is that, once in the body, the herpes virus remains in nerve cells forever, and under the influence of negative factors (past illnesses, hypothermia, stress) can cause a new exacerbation. In severe forms of genital herpes can cause urethritis, vesiculitis, prostatitis and even cervical cancer.


In our ranking of syphilis takes "honorable" fourth place on the prevalence in the population. In Russia, for every 100 thousand people infected 186 Treponema pallidum, which is the probability of transmission during unprotected sex is about 30%, and household by (kissing, body contact) - less than 10%.

 Manifested in the form of low-intensity disease with characteristic external signs (ulcer, chancre, rash), in the absence of treatment, the disease can affect the nervous system, internal organs and lead to death.


 Classical venereal disease, almost 100% of cases of sexually transmitted, although isolated cases of transmission are known it when using common objects hygiene. According to estimates the World Health Organization, there is more than 62 million cases of infection worldwide every year, and to date, infecting more and more exposed young people aged 15-24 years.

 Once in the extracellular space, the pathogen causing acute inflammation, leading to diseases of the vagina, uterus, appendages, testes and other organs (mouth, throat, rectum, and in advanced cases of heart, liver, brain). If gonorrhea is not cured, the disease for 2 months becomes chronic and can cause serious complications: infertility, blindness and - if left untreated - death.


 Venereal disease, widespread in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, but rare in Russia. It is believed that the disease most susceptible people are promiscuous, but in some cases, the pathogen can be transmitted through everyday contact. As a result of contamination on the site streptobatsilloy its penetration (usually genitals, at least - mouth, anus, fingers) there are painful deep ulcers without compacted base with purulent contents. If untreated, chancroid causes inflammation of the lymph nodes, as well as phimosis (foreskin swelling).

Top 7 most common sexually transmitted diseases

HIV infection

 Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) - the disease comes from West Africa, which caused the death of more than 40 million people. The disease progresses: only in our country on May 1, 2015 the number of infected people was 933 419 people. The virus attacks the immune system, causing the body remains almost defenseless against any infection, which can lead, and eventually leads to death. HIV infection is more common in people who abuse drugs and people, leading promiscuous (70-80% of cases), but there are cases of infection through blood transfusion, the virus can also be transmitted from mother to baby during childbirth and breastfeeding. Virus infection may be asymptomatic for a long time, AIDS develops only after 5-15 years after infection. Unfortunately, the disease is incurable today.
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