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How to identify disease on nails

People with emphysema nails grow, acquiring a rounded shape. Also, rounded nails can be a sign of a serious lack of iron in the body.

Small holes or depressions in the nails can be a sign of arthritis or eczema. Arthritis, as well as eczema, psoriasis is associated with, which directly affects the appearance of the skin.

Wrong diet or lack of vitamins contributes to thinning of nails - it leads to the fact that they break easily.

Horizontal lines, also called "lines of Bo," is often associated with severe physical stress for a long time. Often these lines appear in people who have undergone chemotherapy. Interestingly, these lines can also be associated with a person finding a certain height relative to sea level: these furrows appeared among those who climbed Mount Everest, and those who dive to a depth of 300 meters.

Vertical lines, however, are not a sign of something dangerous. Often they occur genetically or due to malnutrition.

Problems with the liver and kidneys lead to discoloration of the skin, and this in turn leads to the appearance of nails form where one half white, and the other - normal color.

The nail which is not retained in the nail bed, may be indicative of problems with the thyroid gland, and kidney, and many autoimmune diseases.
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