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» » Spasms - Causes and Treatment

Spasms - Causes and Treatment

Spasms - Causes and Treatment

Types of seizures

Depending on the cause of seizures may be episodic, random - cramps. In some patients, they appear or are amplified by the action of external stimuli (sudden loud noises, body needlestick), with alcohol abuse. Spasm may be in one muscle or muscle group to cover.

Sudden convulsive muscle tension (tonic spasm) can take some time (usually a minute), and is often accompanied by severe pain. This cramp often occurs in the calf muscles after a long walk, and while swimming in quite a healthy person.

If there was a cramp while swimming, stop kicking motion and produce extension of the foot with the help of a healthy foot. Convulsive contraction (spasm) muscles of the glottis, which can be caused by irritating gases, odors, often leads to the cessation of breathing. Muscle spasm of blood vessels of various organs causing malnutrition and change the functions of these organs (eg, brain, heart, etc.). Muscle spasm is a sudden bout of cramping pain (colic).

Usually seizures - a symptom of the disease, so it is necessary to consult a doctor to determine their causes and treatment.

General convulsions with loss of consciousness - a symptom of epilepsy. When the seizure is necessary to urgently call a doctor. Prior to his arrival, you must create a calm environment. Position the patient so that he could relax the muscles. If disturbed breathing, you need to ensure a flow of fresh air or give oxygen from the oxygen mask. In hot weather to prevent dehydration, give to drink cold water, to which is added salt (1 hr. Salt per liter of water).

Causes of seizures

Deficiency of trace elements: sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium (especially in pregnant women);
The lack of fat soluble vitamins D, E;
Lack of B2 and B6 vitamins water soluble;
Lack of presence in the diet of the amino acid taurine;
Hypothermia feet;
Inadequate physical activity opportunities;
Inadequate blood supply;
High temperature (in infants);
Aggravating factors (caffeine and sugar);
Infectious diseases;
Nervous Diseases.
Does a doctor's time?

To the doctor should be consulted if:

seizures occur almost every day once a day for two weeks or more;
spasm occurred against the backdrop of rise in temperature or poisoning symptoms;
seizures are accompanied by loss of consciousness;
simultaneously with cramp marked incoordination;
seizures occur 2-3 times a day for a week or more;
We had convulsions, which lasted for more than 3 minutes.

Chronic seizures

Chronic spasm differs from the usual longer duration and less severe pain. It is easier to remove, but it comes back after a while, usually at night. If you checked at these symptoms, make an appointment with a general practitioner.

Leg cramped? Emergency help

Very embark on foot, for the insurance holding hands for support. It is painful but very effective.

Self-massage. It should be oppressive movements of the "walk" on the leg from the ankle towards the thigh. The main thing - to observe the centripetal direction. You can also rapidly press on the middle of the muscle.

Put possible leg in hot water.

Prick with a pin (athletes method).

How to prevent seizures.

Spasms - Causes and Treatment

Proper nutrition - medicine for seizures

Review your diet in order to increase its content of the following trace elements:
Calcium is known to be found in dairy products. But should avoid low-fat dairy products, as calcium is absorbed from the poorer, often causing kidney problems. So prefer milk products with a fat content of 3%. Calcium deficiency is common among pregnant women. For the formation of the baby tissues need a lot of calcium, and the child "chooses" microcell mom.

Magnesium can be obtained from watermelon, tahini halva and buckwheat products - the record for the content of this substance.

Sodium contained in the sodium chloride. Deficiency is rare. Exception - athletes and manual workers, who, during intense training or work to lose sodium through sweat. If you exercise more than 45 minutes a day or work hard, drink water instead of the usual alkaline mineral better without gas.

Potassium can be obtained from baked potatoes, oranges and bananas.
All of these minerals can be used in the form of dietary supplements, there are special additives to prevent seizures.

Increase intake of vitamins D and E. For this, you need to eat sprats in oil, chicken egg yolk, sunflower and soybean oils. Taking fat soluble vitamins or in the form of capsules with a fat or an oil droplet.

Eat more foods containing vitamin B2 and the B6, namely the liver, oats, beans, beef kidney. Most vitamin complexes of these substances is sufficient, but "natural" sources better.

Taurine is present in seafood and meat. The lack of this amino acid increases the risk of seizures several times. Taurine can be purchased as a dietary supplement.

Drink enough water, at least 2.2 liters per day.

Limit sugar, not only in the form of sugar, but also in various products. Try not to buy products containing the actual sugar (no carbs!) More than 10 g per 100 g of product. It is also a means of prevention of such terrible and widespread diseases such as diabetes.

Consume less caffeine. If you can not live without coffee, limit 1-2 servings of weak coffee, replacing the remaining portion of decaffeinated coffee or a drink from chicory.

What you need to change the way of life?

Correct dose exercise, the desire to put the world record for the novice athlete can result in a broken leg - a result of the seizures. Be especially careful at the gym. When working with a trainer does not make any sudden movements. Drink water right on the lesson.

When propensity to seizures should not swim in cold water too, at least, do not swim alone, as to completely eliminate the probability of seizures is almost impossible, and poses a serious threat to life.

Choose the correct posture when sitting. Lay legs under him may be no more than 3-5 minutes, otherwise you run the risk of fracture in both legs at once arose as a result of seizures - this is not such a rarity.

Spasms - Causes and Treatment


Recent studies show that seizures occur much less frequently, if their suffering begins to do regular stretching exercises leg muscles. Muscle in a stretched state can not be kept more than 20 seconds. Ideally muscle must be stretched a maximum of 10-15 seconds. All exercises are performed very slowly. Stretching should be accompanied by a deep slow breath. Especially nice in the morning to do the exercises as a part of the charge, and you will feel like every cell in your body is filled with oxygen. Do not perform the same exercise several times. Each needs to be done in 2-3 sets, alternating exercises

Starting position: you are lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, ankles resting on the floor. Then one of the legs (working), you pick up and put on the knee of the second. Next, grasp the second leg and pull her to him, until you feel tension in the working leg. Change legs.

Starting position: lying on his stomach, arms and legs relaxed. Then you need to bend the working leg at the knee, to reach out to her hands, and pull to the side of the head, raising his knee. Repeat with the other leg.

Starting position: sitting, back straight, legs are brought together. Reach out to the tips of the legs, trying to keep the fingers were as far as possible the line of heels

It is also useful for the prevention of seizures, some yoga asanas for the morning workout is good to use complex "sun salutation".

Spasms - Causes and Treatment

Treatment of folk remedies

Adonis spring. Take 1-2 hours. Tablespoons chopped dry grass Adonis spring to 1 cup of boiling water. Take an adult to 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day. For children two years of age - 5-6 drops; six years - 15 drops; twelve years - 2 tsp 5-6 times a day..

Birch (kidney). 2 h. Spoon of birch kidneys to brew as a tea to 1 cup boiling water. Infusion drink for 2 day in 3 divided doses.

Mustard oil. If cramped muscles in the arms and legs to rub the sore spots mustard oil.

Lemon. Morning and evening, lubricate the soles of the feet of fresh lemon juice, no wiping, wear socks and shoes only after drying the juice on the soles. The course of treatment no more than two weeks. Apply with cramps leg muscles.

Lipa (color). Article 1.5. tablespoons chopped linden flowers pour 1 cup boiling water; brew, infuse for 20 minutes; strain. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day.
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