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» » What are the symptoms of cataracts can be determined

What are the symptoms of cataracts can be determined

How to protect yourself from this disease and to identify for the first signs at an early stage, to prevent worsening of the disease?
Cataracts in the first stage manifested as clouding agents eye lens or a capsule. This person immediately noted the sharp deterioration of vision.

The main risk factor for the appearance of cataract experts attribute age. But there are cases when the disease has been found even in children. The risk to get acquainted with this disease are quite close diabetics, people with injuries or serious inflammatory eye processes. Also losing vision due to cataracts can people who have undergone major surgery or chemotherapy, those who have been subjected to prolonged exposure to radioactive radiation.

It was also found that cataracts may be inherited.

It manifests itself by symptoms this disease:

- Double vision,
- Change the appearance of the pupil (it becomes yellow, white or brownish tint)
- Deterioration of the sharpness,
- Increased sensitivity to light in the evening and at night,
-The development of myopia,
- Problems distinguishing colors.

Experts warn that if the cataract is not timely diagnosed and not treated, it may develop blindness.

Cataract treatment is medication - doctors prescribe receiving special medications or surgical - offer the patient to have surgery on the eyes and it remains the primary treatment for the disease. Surgeons removed clouded lens and replace it. Make the operation using the ultrasonic phacoemulsification, when the lens is literally sucked out of the eye, putting in its place a silicone or plastic implant.

Practice shows that in 95% of cases, this treatment is effective, and vision returns to the patients along with the ability to see the world in all its colors.

What kind of a radical means for the prevention of cataract does not exist. Usually advised to visit an ophthalmologist 1 time in 2-4 years, and every year people over 65 years of age to detect disease in its early stages. Experts also advise to stick to a healthy diet, give up bad habits and constantly protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation, in particular solar.

Be sure to give your body the antioxidants - vitamins C and E, which help reduce the risk of disease.
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