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» » Ureaplasmosis: to treat or not?

Ureaplasmosis: to treat or not?

Ureaplasmosis - an infectious disease of the genitourinary system, which occurs in both men and women. Currently, the diagnosis of ureaplasmosis doctor usually appoints patient treatment, however, this tactic does not find support from other parts specialists.

For example, some urologists believe that ureaplasma are part of the normal microflora of the urogenital organs and treatment is not needed. Possibly, treatment is administered in cases where infection leads to the appearance of disease symptoms, such as inappropriate urination, pain in lower abdomen and others.

Some experts and does claim that the prescribed treatment of ureaplasma "dishonest" urologists who just want to earn money by writing the treatment of "non-existent" disease. However, not all people think so.

Arguments for

As the medical observation if ureaplasmosis not treated, in some cases it can lead to serious complications. In particular, ureaplasma infection may be complicated diseases such as:

cystitis and urethritis;

urolithiasis disease;


inflammation of the urinary organs;

erection problems;

Difficulty in conceiving up to infertility;

complications of pregnancy;

disorders of the immune system, which leads to a weakening of the protective functions of the body. In this case, the person becomes vulnerable to other infectious diseases.

Given the likely complications ureaplasmosis, some doctors strongly advised to undergo treatment.

Ureaplasmosis: to treat or not?

How to treat ureaplasmosis?

So, someone thinks that ureaplasmosis treat it is necessary, and someone - no. Much depends on to what expert you get.

If the patient has found a ureaplasma, but he was not worried about any symptoms, then most likely, no treatment is required. But if ureaplasma detected in a woman who is planning a pregnancy, the treatment is carried out as ureaplasmosis may pose a risk to fetal health.

If the doctor decides to treat the patient (man or woman), the therapy is carried out and the patient's sexual partner. During treatment, the patient should be deleted ureaplasmosis unprotected sex, as well as to refuse the use of alcohol, smoking and eating spicy foods, which can irritate the urinary track.

The main treatment is reduced to ureaplasmosis prescription of antibiotics (usually doxycycline and azithromycin). Also, the doctor will recommend to stick to a lifestyle that would have eliminated the negative factors contributing to infection (such as practicing safer sex). Another component of the treatment is the correction of the immune system, aimed at strengthening the body's resistance to infections.
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