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» » How to prevent varicose veins

How to prevent varicose veins

7 of the rules against varicose veins

Follow these simple rules 7 and varicose veins will not spoil your life.

1. More traffic!

No matter what your schedule (for many it is quite monotonous), move as much as possible. When we sit or stand for a long time, our muscular-venous pump can not function normally. As a result, begins to weaken vascular tone and blood to stagnate.
2. Wear high heels only on special occasions

Everyone knows that the studs do graceful legs. At the same time, they fix them in a position which leads to blocking of the ankle joint. The result is congestion in the veins and in the calf and ankle swelling. Ballet is also not the best option, despite their convenience. The ideal shoes with heels or wedges height of 4-5 centimeters.

3. Do not overdo exercise

Do not give your legs too much exercise. Do not lift heavy loads. Not the best option is a class in martial arts. More to ride a bike, go swimming.

4. Watch your diet

Food should be healthy. Malnutrition leads to excess weight. And overweight, in turn - it is an additional burden on their feet. Take your vitamins, give up fast food. Especially useful for veins pineapple and figs. They contain bromelain, which eliminates blood clots in the veins. Do not get carried away and canned smoked - they enhance the destruction of venous walls and valves.

5. Do not overheat

Harm your legs may also excessive heat treatments. Hot Bathrooms should be alternated with a cold shower. And fans of hiking with friends in a sauna we can advise on the nature of the attacks. You can not abuse the solarium or spend all day in the sun. If you love hot tubs, be sure to rinse your feet at the end of the cold water. This procedure will help you cheer up and tone up.

6. Do not wear tight clothing

Do not wear tight jeans and stockings who laced gum too tight. Corsets leave only for special occasions. Fasteners, gum occluded vein, and this increases venous stasis. Those who have observed varices, is contraindicated in any tight clothing.

7. It is impossible to massage

When varicose veins is contraindicated in any foot massage - roller, vacuum, anti-cellulite. Permission is granted to only a foot massage, using a special roller-massager.

If you take care of your feet, then you will varices is not terrible. And for those who already have this problem, we recall - from the disease can be eliminated through an integrated approach.
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