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The body’s immune system can be constantly attacked on a daily basis by the anxiety, stress, environmental pollution, unhealthy diet, exposure to hormone disruptors, infections and parasites.

It can result in the development of several chronic diseases and tumors that lead to serious consequences on our health. The responsibility of the immune system is to flush out toxins through the sweat, but sometimes, the toxins accumulate in the body in a higher amount, so, it can start attacking itself instead.

The nowadays diet is characterized by too much sugar, GMO products, and pesticides that cause quite a lot of harm to our body, causing, also the leakage of proteins through our gut. This condition is recognized by the immune system as a threat and it attacks them, resulting in several autoimmune disorders.

The most common autoimmune condition today are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, asthma, diabetes, autism, eczema, vitiligo, and leukemia.

All of these diseases can be treated medically, however, these treatments rarely cause the underlying problems and are especially focused on the symptoms. As the medical treatment is not the only way for treating these conditions, many people are trying to do this in a natural way, which can be equally effective and safe. One of the best ways to reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases is by detoxifying the body and helping it stay clean.

Here you can find the best natural detox treatments:

A healthy diet

In order to allow your body to work properly and reduce the risk of autoimmune conditions, you should get rid of the processed food, sugar, and GMO products from your diet. That means to avoid consuming caffeine, processed foods and alcohol and, and include healthy food, such as olive oil, coconut, avocado, nuts, seeds, probiotics, and fish into your daily diet. The hydration of the body is of great importance, so drinking plenty of water will assist the kidneys in flushing out the toxins.

Colon cleanse

Colon cleanses can significantly help in cleaning the body of toxins and can be done naturally. For this purposes people in the past used laxatives. It is recommended to consume Triphala and Indian gooseberry more often, and to eat foods rich in vitamin C, as those foods will clean your colon of toxins and detoxify your overall body.

Liver cleanse

The liver is the very important organ of your body, so keeping it clean and in good condition is highly important for our overall health.

How to detoxify it: Add garlic, beets, turmeric, dandelion root and olive oil in your diet, and when you are suffering from gallstones, you can dissolve and flush them out with carrot juice and tart apples.

Eliminate heavy metals from your system

Heavy metals can be eliminated by consuming Brussels sprouts, cabbage, garlic, cilantro and foods rich in sulfur. That kind of foods can destroy all the heavy metals in your body and help you to stay away from vaccines which are full in heavy metals.

Lymphatic system detox

The lymphatic system should be kept always clean, and you can do it if you boost the lymph flow by doing some breathing exercises and staying physically active as well.

Eliminate parasites

If the parasites occur in your body you can destroy them by consuming garlic, coffee, cinnamon, coconut oil, cloves, and bentonite clays, which are powerful anti-bacterial agents.

Kidney cleanse

Your kidneys can be detoxified by drinking cranberry juice, a combination of warm lemon water, apple cider vinegar and ginger, and consuming vitamin B6, horsetail, vegetable glycerin in your diet.

Skin detox

The responsibility of the skin is to protect us from external harm, however, because of use of a number of toxic products on it, it can result in numerous health problems.

Try to detoxify your skin, by using Epsom salt baths a few times a week. Another way to do it is by going to the sauna and dry brush the skin every time you take a shower.
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