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Pharyngitis granulosa is considered one of the most difficult diseases of the pharynx. Strep throat occurs because of pathogens that penetrate into the mucous layer of the pharynx, where cause inflammation. If you do not treat the disease at an early stage, granulosa develops her form.


More often this disease affects adults, in children is usually an acute form of pharyngitis. There are predisposing causes that directly affect the development of the disease this form:

  • a deviated septum of the nose;

  • allergies;

  • diseases of the respiratory system;

  • heart disease and kidneys;

  • heredity;

  • prolonged nasal congestion;

  • Smoking;

  • the frequent use of alcohol.

Granulosa pharyngitis requires immediate treatment. If you ignore this disease for some time, the walls of the pharynx are formed of a fibrous film. This leads to the necrosis of cells of white blood cells, which makes the process intractable inflammation. After the granules are formed, which affects the trigeminal nerve, and the patient begins to cough painfully. It causes cough in a patient with granulosa pharyngitis severe sore throat.

In addition, the pharyngitis of all forms are highly contagious, a sick person should be isolated during treatment from the team. At home you must wear a mask or bandage which will significantly reduce the risk of infection of all family members.


Granulosa pharyngitis symptoms and signs has the following:

  • sore throat that does not go a long time;

  • painful, paroxysmal coughing;

  • pain in the throat when swallowing;

  • viscous mucus that you cannot cough up.

The disease most often occurs in the chronic form, the unfavorable external environment and genetic predisposition create the conditions for that current disease. Chronic process may be an ongoing problem for a person, recover from this form of pharyngitis. Regular preventive maintenance, especially during seasonal exacerbations of colds, then the risk of relapse will be reduced to a minimum.


This disease is diagnosed very easily at survey LOR-the doctor. Redness of the throat, coughing and swelling of the larynx, which are present in a patient suffering from, speak for themselves, and doctors, as a rule, do not doubt their diagnosis. Can appoint treatment and therapistafter examination of the patient and making the diagnosis.

As quickly as possible to cure granulosa pharyngitis, requires a set of procedures. Only one pill from such a disease is not to get rid of.

Gargling is one of the most effective methods of treatment of pharyngitis all forms. For this procedure can be used decoctions of herbs, and various alcoholic tincture, diluted with water.

Recommended inhalations with oils of sage and eucalyptus, in alkaline solutions.

Need burning pellets, which must be prescribed by a doctor. For this procedure, you can use collargol, iodine, water-based and other media.

Shown taking antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs and a course of antibiotics. Are cryo - and physiotherapy, which contribute to the rapid removal of the inflammatory process and destruction of bacteria that cause pharyngitis granulosa.

A course of vitamins included in doctor's appointments, support of a weakened disease organism.

In rare cases when the disease is prescribed surgical treatment. The doctor performs the surgery in his office in complete sterility. However, this method of treatment cannot be considered to be the most effective. The disease can return to the operated patients.

Nowadays there is a new method of treatment of granulosa pharyngitis surgically. This laser ablaze (ablaze). In applying this method of treatment is only a small interference in the tissue of the larynx, which ensures minimal injury. This procedure is able to reduce inflammation very quickly. The method enjoys great popularity today, as the pain after the procedure is weak in comparison with conventional surgery, and the disease is very fast.


This disease is especially hard to bear children, so that the appearance of viscous secretion in the larynx prevents the child to breathe properly and independently to cough up his baby can not. Painful coughing hurt the baby to sleep and eat. Miss this disease is not possible, the parents usually take the child to the doctor.

Causes of granulosa pharyngitis in children:

  • penetration of viruses and bacteria that cause the disease;

  • genetic predisposition;

  • a weak immune system;

  • poor environmental living conditions;

  • the increased humidity in the room where the child;

  • allergies.

Symptoms of granulosa pharyngitis inchildren:

  • the increase in body temperature up to high levels;

  • appearance viscous mucus in the nasopharynx, which is nothing to cough up, which leads to vomiting;

  • strong, dry, and paroxysmal cough;

  • soreness and sore throat.

The occurrence of granulosa pharyngitis in a child should alert parents, as this may indicate an allergic response of the larynx to any stimulus. This illness allows the baby to suspect him, and such diseases as rickets, dental caries and diseases of the heart and kidneys. Therefore we cannot be complacent about its occurrence and treatment in babies.

When the diagnosis of granulosa pharyngitis children must complete a comprehensive examination in order to identify all the hidden problems. It is worth to visit doctors of other areas, not limited to one audiologist.

Treatment of granulosa pharyngitis in children:

  • the necessary support of the body during treatment. The doctor will prescribe a full range of vitamins;

  • gargling or lubrication of the larynx a special antibacterial agents, as well as herbal infusions;

  • inhalation therapy using herbal decoctions and infusions, medical preparations for such procedures have a very good effect in the treatment;

  • the complete exclusion from the diet foods that cause allergies such as chocolate, citrus, and others;

  • burning pellets in the larynx. The best solution for this procedure will be carried out in a medical establishment.

Surgery remains one of the most effective methods of treatment when the disease occurs in severe form. Children are hard enough to tolerate this procedure, but it allows you to quickly get rid of the disease. As in adults, surgical intervention does not guarantee against recurrence of granulosa pharyngitis since the disease is chronic, get rid of it forever impossible.


Compresses may be considered one of the best ways to treat of pharyngitis. Heat kills viruses and bacteria that cause this disease. Alcohol tinctures from herbs or plain vodka, mixed with water, give a good warming effect, if you keep the bandage on the throat all night or for several hours.

If you have any respiratory virus diseases, the doctor will prescribe drinking plenty of fluids, and strep is no exception. Need to drink decoctions of plants that fight viruses such as lime broth.

Gargling with decoction of medicinal plants is a great method of treatment that helps to reduce the inflammatory process. It is widely used in patientsaddition to the basic treatment.

For any disease of the body need support. It is possible to use drugs that strengthen the immune system. For example, is famous for the ability to stimulate the immune system Echinacea. Eating broth regularly for several weeks, and sometimes months, people will support and strengthen your body.

Granulosa pharyngitis - a very unpleasant disease that brings suffering.

Timely and proper treatment is needed to get rid of painful symptoms and for a full recovery, as inflammation can be cause complications.

Be healthy!
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