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Dizziness: what to do. Causes and Treatment

Dizziness or vertigo in a scientific way, it is quite an unpleasant condition of the body, in which a person has everything revolves like before my eyes, and feet. Then overtakes feeling that around one brace, which now swallow and will knock you off your feet.

Vertigo can overtake you during the boat ride, riding on swings or roundabouts, while watching the movie too realistic in 3D. In such cases, it is a very common phenomenon.

In conditions of severe diet may also feel dizzy. The girls with curvaceous complying strictly with the restrictions in food such state of the body is very common thing.

Generally women dizziness may be some norm in a few cases. Besides hunger, it can happen during menstruation or eve thereof, during menopause. And during pregnancy is not only frequent, but stable condition.

Dizziness: what to do. Causes and Treatment

Pregnant women often visit dizziness, and even in tandem with nausea. But we need to clearly monitor your body in such a state. Since the frequent and prolonged dizziness require detailed examination in order to avoid potential ailments.

That pregnant women rarely attend such state of the body, it should be more rest, less loading your body with more walk in the fresh air - hiking park thing is easy to drink herbal tea.

In order to accurately figure out all the causes of vertigo, it is necessary to know what types it is. Doctors have identified a number of varieties.

Types of dizziness

1. Central. Cause problems and disrupt the normal operation of the brain.

2. Peripheral. The reasons for this may be the problem of vertigo from the inner part of the ear or vestibular nerve.

3. System. This disorder triggered by problems with one of the systems that are responsible for the coordination of space.

4. The physiological or non-systemic. It can occur due to stress, depression, overstrain, overwork, diet, and the like.

If your dizziness is not a logical explanation - you are not pregnant, not touched alcohol, do not fear visiting rooms or other carousel and you do not have old age, the list of causes of bad state can be further expanded.

Whatever it was, it is best to see a doctor, so he found the true diagnosis.

Dizziness: what to do. Causes and Treatment

Causes of dizziness
1) Otitis inner ear. What process is accompanied not only dizziness, and other symptoms, because a hike to a specialist should be immediate. Also to vertigo can cause a traffic jam of earwax.

2) Another disease of the inner ear can cause dizziness and nausea and vomiting. This is when fluid collects in the inner ear. It is also accompanied by tinnitus and deafness.

3) Serious violations of blood circulation in the brain can also lead to dizziness, and even to acute heart problems.

4) A hernia or low back pain in the cervical spine may also be factors. If you turn the head observed darkening of the eyes, then this is it.

5) A tumor in the brain is also a cause of vertigo.

6) Various problems with the spine, trauma, these bodies are also accompanied by frequent dizziness.

7) If there are serious problems with the bodies of view, while watching the bright, shimmering and rapidly repeated frames is also cause dizziness.

8) Acute poisoning low-quality food.

9) The direct impact of external factors. For example, a sunstroke.

10) The use of drugs that can cause dizziness.

Vertigo by their nature can not be the sole person to attend. It is always accompanied by several symptoms. Among the most obvious nausea possibly even vomiting, disorientation.

There may even be a headache in an acute form, numbness of limbs, short-term memory loss, a sharp jump in body temperature, severe and continuous vomiting. It is more severe cases. When they ought to immediately call an ambulance .
If so you had a similar incident, you have to know what to take. First of all it is necessary to calm down. After that, find a place where it is possible to lie down. Now breathe in something with a pungent odor. This may be ammonia.

Such actions will help the brain to sober up and come down. Also, try to focus on a particular subject. Also, try not to turn a blind eye to that in case of losing consciousness.
Fix the head in one position and do not try to move it. Free yourself from unnecessary clothes and provide maximum access to fresh air. To attach the head and a cool wet towel.
If your dizziness is caused by dieting, then there will sweet. It is necessary to eat candy or drink sweet enough, but not strong tea or just sugar water.

Dizziness: what to do. Causes and Treatment

Folk remedies for frequent dizziness

• Fresh carrot or beet juice. They should be consumed on an empty stomach, as well as to the basic techniques food.

• Infusion of parsley seeds must also drink frequently throughout the day.

• Decoction of flowers of clover can be used only after the absorption of lunch or dinner. In the morning it is better to limit the use.

• Garnet. This product is perfectly raises hemoglobin levels and normalizes blood circulation. Drink it can be in raw form, as well as to drink pomegranate juice.

• Linden, mint teas and Melisova also accepted only in the afternoon and evening vremya.Narodnye means at frequent dizziness

• ginger tea can be drunk at any time of the day.

• A good helper when dizziness is seaweed. It contains all the necessary elements that lead to normal operation of the vestibular apparatus.

Dizziness: what to do. Causes and Treatment

• Also, it is useful to aromatherapy. You can inhale fir, pine oil, or other types.

• In addition to these infusions, teas and juices will help to self-massage. Massage the special points should be those responsible for the tone. You can make a circular motion from the center of the forehead to the temples, and vice versa.

Then the same movements can be repeated, massaging the other lines on the head - from the top of the head to the top of the ears, from the top to the back of the neck and at the very back of the head.

It is also possible with your fingertips to massage the part of the head, which is covered with hair. This will help relax and relieve headache, and dizziness.

In order not to have recourse to such means and methods, it is better to monitor their health. Eliminate all possible causes of vertigo, which you yourself have a direct impact.

Otherwise, go to the doctor. He will establish the true cause of dizziness.
Perhaps your vertigo associated with pressure surges or other individual diseases. In this case, take appropriate medication drugs. And it is better to consult a doctor.
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