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The benefits of white tea

In ancient times, we enjoyed white tea Chinese emperors, who appreciated its delicate and exquisite flavor and taste. According to them, after a cup of tea he came to clarity of mind and opinions, and the white tea they called the "elixir of immortality". White tea has always been rare, but nowadays you can easily buy a pack of white tea in a local supermarket. Collect the tea by hand, and silk gloves, and only two days a year, in April and in early autumn. So what he is useful and why it is so appreciated Chinese emperors?

It turns out that white tea leaves are rich in vitamins C, B1, P, and they contain 3 times more natural antioxidants than black tea. That's why it is called "the elixir of immortality," because we all know that antioxidants and rejuvenate the body fight free radicals, preventing aging.

Present in white tea vitamin E strengthens blood vessels, helps the body to more efficiently absorb calcium and is the prevention of tumors and cancer. And the human body is not capable of producing vitamin E itself, it comes only with food.

White tea also helps strengthen the immune system and accelerate the healing of wounds. Recommend to drink it, and during epidemics, since it protects against viruses. It is useful in diseases associated with airway - bronchitis, pneumonia, as well as for those who smoke, to prevent.

Also useful properties when used tea inside, it is widely used in cosmetology. In a letter of white tea contains a large amount of fluoride, which protects the teeth from caries and tartar. Not surprisingly, it is often added to toothpastes.

In addition to use in toothpastes, white tea extract is widely used in creams for the face and body due to its anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Also, the use of products containing white tea is the prevention of cancer of the skin and protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

Considering all the useful properties do not look for an excuse to drink a cup of tea. We must do it regularly. After a couple of cups of white tea will charge the body not only courage, but also the portion of vitamins and antioxidants. After tea, you can put on your skin cream with white tea extract and enjoy the action of the "Chinese elixir of immortality" both inside and outside.

Brew the tea should be not too hot water to the leaves do not lose their flavor and medicinal substances, pre-heating of utensils for cooking hot water.

The use of white tea - one of the most effective ways to combat aging factors, and in addition, also simply delicious and healthy beverage.
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