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13 causes of low grade temperature

1. Acute infectious diseases

 Inflammation caused by infectious diseases (acute respiratory viral infection, pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, etc.), Is the most common cause of low grade temperature, and it was his first inclined to suspect doctors with complaints about the temperature. Feature hyperthermia at diseases of infectious nature that it is often accompanied by deterioration of general health (headache, weakness, fever), as well as facilitating rapid when receiving antipyretic. Low-grade fever in children is varicella, rubella, and other diseases in children the prodromal period (ie until the other clinical signs) and on the decline of the disease.

 2. Chronic nonspecific infection

 Infectious subfebrilitet also be found in some chronic pathologies (often during an exacerbation)

 Gastrointestinal disease (pancreatitis, colitis, gastritis, cholecystitis);

 Inflammation of the urinary tract (urethritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis);

 Inflammatory diseases of the genital organs (prostate, the uterus);

 Non-healing ulcers in the elderly and patients with diabetes mellitus.

 To detect smoldering infections therapists tend to use urinalysis and a suspected inflammation of a particular organ prescribe ultrasound, x-rays and examination of a specialist.

13 causes of low grade temperature

3. Toxoplasmosis

 Low-grade fever is often a symptom of toxoplasmosis - a parasitic disease, the source of infection which are cats, and have not undergone heat treatment sufficient foods (meat, eggs). Toxoplasmosis in humans with stable immunity goes unnoticed, in the subclinical form, being expressed in weakness, headache, poor appetite, including low-grade fever, which is not stopped by conventional antipyretics. The cure of toxoplasmosis in healthy individuals (immunocompetent) usually occurs without any medication, but in the case of acute illness, flowing from internal injuries, pathology medication is eliminated.
13 causes of low grade temperature

4. Tuberculosis

 Tuberculosis - severe infection that causes lung damage and urinary tract, bone, reproductive system, eyes and skin. Low-grade fever along with high fatigue, decreased appetite, insomnia may be a sign of tuberculosis of any localization. The pulmonary form of the disease is determined by fluorography in adults and in children the Mantoux test, which allows to identify disease at an early stage. Diagnosis of extrapulmonary forms are often difficult due to the fact that TB is difficult to distinguish from other inflammatory processes in organs, but in this case it is recommended to pay attention to a set of symptoms characteristic of the disease: in the evenings hyperthermia, excessive sweating, and rapid weight loss.
13 causes of low grade temperature

5. HIV infection

 Sometimes the body temperature of 37-38 degrees with pain in joints and muscles, rash, enlarged lymph nodes - a sign of the acute period of HIV infection causes damage to the human immune system. The incurable disease at this point destroys the immune system, making the body vulnerable to any infection - even such innocuous terms of death as candidiasis, herpes, SARS. Hidden (asymptomatic) HIV period may last up to several years, but at least the destruction of the virus cells of the immune system symptoms of the disease begin to manifest themselves in the form of candidiasis, herpes, frequent colds, violations of the chair - and subfebrile including. Early detection of HIV will allow the carrier to monitor their immune status and use of antiviral treatment to reduce the content of virus in the blood to a minimum, preventing complications, life-threatening.
13 causes of low grade temperature

6. Malignant tumors

 With the development of tumor in the body of certain diseases (monocytic leukemia, lymphoma, kidney cancer, and others) are released into the blood stream endogenous pyrogens - proteins inducing fever. Fever in this case difficult to treat antipyretics and sometimes combined with paraneoplastic syndromes of the skin - acanthosis nigricans body folds (in breast cancer, digestive organs, ovaries), erythema Daria (in breast cancer and stomach), and itching without a rash and any other reasons.
13 causes of low grade temperature

7. Viral Hepatitis B and C

 Fever in hepatitis B and C is the result of intoxication caused by lesions of the liver cells, and is often a sign of indolent forms of the disease. However, low-grade fever hepatitis in the initial stage accompanied by malaise, weakness, pain in joints and muscles, skin, jaundice, and liver area discomfort after eating. Early detection of the disease, which is considered intractable, to avoid illness transition into the chronic stage, and thus reduce the risk of possible complications - cirrhosis or liver cancer.
13 causes of low grade temperature

8. Helminthiases (worm infestation)

 Often, low-grade fever, together with increased fatigue and weakness is a sign of parasitic infections. Low-grade fever is caused by intoxication worms products of life and may be associated with digestive disorders, bloating, lethargy, emaciation (especially in the elderly and children). In advanced cases of worm infestations can cause severe illnesses, up to intestinal obstruction, biliary dyskinesia, kidney damage, liver, eyes, brain, so it is important to identify the disease at an early stage. In most cases, the infection to full recovery only one or two courses of anthelmintic agents.
13 causes of low grade temperature

9. Diseases of the thyroid gland

 Increase in body temperature as a consequence of the acceleration of metabolism in the body occurs and hyperthyroidism - disorders associated with increased production of thyroid hormones. The body temperature of not less than 37.3 degrees when illness is accompanied by excessive sweating, inability to tolerate heat, thinning hair, as well as increased anxiety, tearfulness, anxiety, confusion. Severe hyperthyroidism can lead to disability and even death, so if you have the above symptoms the person is better to consult a doctor and get tested. To normalize the thyroid gland will allow antithyroid drugs, as well as health-restoring techniques: tempering, diet, moderate exercise, yoga. surgery may be required in a number of cases.
13 causes of low grade temperature

10. Iron deficiency anemia

 Iron-deficiency anemia, which can be caused by poor nutrition, chronic bleeding, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnancy - disease, which is also often accompanied by a low grade body temperature. However, the disease is accompanied by frequent low-grade fever dizziness, thinning hair, nails, dry skin, drowsiness, decreased immunity, lack of energy. Lack of iron in the blood, usually, be corrected for 2-3 months of treatment, however, be aware that the presence of the disease can be an indicator of serious medical problems.
13 causes of low grade temperature

11. Autoimmune diseases

 Autoimmune diseases are called, in the presence of the immune system ceases to recognize the body's own cells, identifying them as foreign and attacking. Accompanying this process causes tissue inflammation and body subfebrile temperature. Autoimmune disease character usually differ in localization and clinical manifestations, as is not exposed to degradation individual organs and tissue, especially connective tissue often. The most common are considered to rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Crohn's disease. When establishing the diagnosis should immediately start immunosuppressive therapy, since chronic illnesses often lead to various disorders of the internal organs and serious complications.
13 causes of low grade temperature

12. psychogenic causes

 Subfebrilitet in fact - a manifestation of over-rapid metabolism, to whom the work is also influenced and psyche. Stress, neurosis, strong emotional experiences, especially in people with hypochondriasis may lead to an increase in body temperature as well. For the diagnosis of psychogenic deviations A special questionnaire (hospital anxiety and depression scale, the scale of emotional excitability, Beck scale), according to which the test is performed on the mental stability of a person. Upon confirmation of the diagnosis of the patient is offered psychotherapeutic help, and appointed reception sedatives.
13 causes of low grade temperature

13. Drug subfebrilitet

In some cases, the body may be caused by fever prolonged drug therapy. The ability to raise the temperature to subfebrile values have thyroxine, antibiotics (ampicillin, lincomycin, penicillin), neuroleptics, some antidepressants, antiparkinsonian and antihistamines, as well as narcotic painkillers. To eliminate low grade temperature of doctors practicing repeal or replace the drug having this reaction.
13 causes of low grade temperature
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