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» » Man- Barometer: how to live with meteodependent?

Man- Barometer: how to live with meteodependent?

Effect the vagaries of weather on health

 Meteodependent most often seen in people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, malfunction of blood pressure, respiratory diseases, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and allergic reactions. Typically, the deterioration of these patients due to the following factors:

 Increased atmospheric pressure during the cold season - is accompanied by a decrease in humidity and increased concentrations of harmful impurities in it. Most suffer from high blood pressure, asthma and allergies. In patients with reduced white blood cell count, which leads to reduced immunity, symptoms arise due to vascular spasm (headache, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, pain in the heart);

 Reduced air pressure at high humidity and strong winds - painfully react patients with abnormalities of the respiratory system, and gipotoniki cores. The most common symptoms are a general decrease in tone, weakness, difficulty breathing, headaches, increased blood viscosity and risk of thrombosis, limb numbness, swelling, pain in the joints;

 Heat, especially in high humidity - leads to problems with breathing and blood circulation deterioration. In the blood decreases the salt content, which strongly removed from the body through sweat. This adversely affects the muscle tone and heart. This weather is worse than all the cores are transferred, the elderly, patients suffering from thyroid dysfunction or obesity;

 Magnetic storms - a strong influence on people suffering from pathologies of the nervous system, coronary heart disease, angina. At times the gain of the solar activity increases the number of heart attacks and strokes. Some researchers argue that in those days, when the raging magnetic storms, the number of premature births.

Meteodependent affects about a third of men and nearly half the women. Furthermore, some people with no serious pathologies, however, react too strongly to the vagaries of the weather. This so-called "psychological meteozavisimost". It occurs in 20% of patients seeking doctors with complaints of drowsiness and a general lack of energy (mostly in late autumn). This state is not considered a disease, but still requires a small correction.

 How to reduce the harm caused by meteodependent

 The dependence of the health of the weather can not be repaired, and the weather itself is beyond our control. But you can learn to live with meteodependent, as far as possible by minimizing its unpleasant consequences. There are rules of conduct that are suitable for almost all patients whose condition is deteriorating from time to time changing weather conditions. In bad weather it is necessary:

 Do not forget about taking the usual medicines. Keep on hand a physician recommended emergency funds (especially with respect to the cores);

 Do not give up walks outdoors;

 Do not overeat. Eliminate from the diet of fatty and spicy foods, carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Give preference to light vegetable and fish dishes, porridge and fresh fruit;

 Strictly abide by sleep and wakefulness. If necessary, use a mild sedative plant.

Man- Barometer: how to live with meteodependent?

It is important for human meteodependent maintain mental balance. Often well-being at the whims of weather deteriorates, simply because a person is waiting and is afraid of it. With reasonable approach to the problem by reading the weather forecast, it is possible to prepare for the likelihood of complications, and experience bad days quietly and relatively painless.
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