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Experts advise how to eat for thrush

What products can not thrush

When thrush can not eat foods that contain sugar or fructose as sweet promotes the growth of yeast in the body. In the first place, should be excluded from the diet of sugar, sugar products (cakes, pastries), jam, honey, chocolate. You can not eat and savory baked goods, if it is made on the basis of yeast dough. You can not drink kvass, beer, and other fermented foods. Completely excluded should be sour cream, yogurt, as in the store dairy products contain various kinds of ferment and thickeners. Fruits and fruit juices (shop and fresh juices) for thrush and should be completely excluded from the diet. It should be avoided, and starchy foods (potatoes, rice, bread).
What products can be thrush

Emphasis needs to be done on fresh salads and greens. Eat more cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and beets. Salads is necessary to fill with olive oil or do without refueling. In addition to vegetables, the emphasis needs to be done to useful grains: oatmeal, wild rice, buckwheat. Do not forget about the fish and meat.
What products treat thrush

For the treatment of thrush is necessary to normalize the healthy microflora. For this purpose, you can eat fresh yogurt on empty stomach, at night to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt. During the day, brewed chamomile or special charges from yeast.
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