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7 Stress Relieving Asanas

How Can Yoga Help You Get Rid Of Stress?

When you practice yoga, you are flexing your body and stretching it. This helps release all the trapped stress in your muscles. It energizes you and helps you relax completely. Also, when you combine breathing with your workout, your mind calms down completely, and further relaxes every bit of your body. Of course, all of this happens while you are working out, but the positive effects last the whole day, allowing you to have a better outlook on life and making you more productive without weighing you down.

7 Yoga Asanas That Will Help You De-Stress

Ardha Matsyendrasana
Salamba Sarvangasana

1. Sukhasana

7 Stress Relieving Asanas

It is also called the Easy Pose. It has some amazing benefits. It keeps you grounded and promotes your inner calm as it opens up your hips and lengthens your spine, giving you an amplified state of serenity. When you practice this pose, you relieve yourself of both physical and mental exhaustion, and hence, you are stress-free!

2. Utkatasana

7 Stress Relieving Asanas

The Utkatasana or the Chair Pose is, of course, an amazing asana to strengthen your legs and upper back as it not only burns the fat but also helps you focus.

This is a challenging asana that helps you de-stress. As you strive to perfect the pose, you are forced to take your mind off your stress and emotions. This asana is challenging and dynamic – it will increase your heart rate and help you relax.

3. Uttanasana

7 Stress Relieving Asanas

This asana is a standing forward bend. It is an ideal asana to help you reduce and relieve stress. It preserves the proper body functioning of the nervous system and enhances the circulation of blood throughout the body. It stretches and relaxes the spine, thereby improving flexibility.

4. Kapotasana

7 Stress Relieving Asanas

A whole lot of tension is stored in the hips. When you practice hip openers like the Kapotasana or the Pigeon Pose, it beautifully releases all the tension. By the looks of it, this asana is both uncomfortable and intense. But when you accept the challenge and ease into it using your breath to guide you, you will have a satisfying release of stress, along with the other benefits of just letting go.

5. Ardha Matsyendrasana

7 Stress Relieving Asanas

The Ardha Matsyendrasana is an amazing spinal twist. Twists act as great detoxes and also help build a healthy spine. When you practice this asana, your mind and body will calm down as your body undergoes a complete detox, and all the stress and tension will be relieved. Your body will function more efficiently.

6. Salamba Sirsasana

7 Stress Relieving Asanas

A headstand, when aligned properly, calms the mind and strengthens the body. The reverse blood flow eases anxiety. With this asana, you tend to focus on your breath, and your body is in the present. When you practice this pose, your heart is rested since the blood doesn’t have to pump back up from the lower body, as it does when you are standing.

7. Shavasana

7 Stress Relieving Asanas

The Shavasana or the Corpse Pose is the ultimate stress relieving asana. You will practice this asana at the end of every yoga session, and it is, without doubt, one of the most relaxing and calming asanas. Your body is transported into a deep state of rest. Therefore, your blood pressure drops, and the nervous system is calmed. This asana also promotes sleep in case all the stress is making you an insomniac.
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