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» » FEATURES care of cats after sterilization

FEATURES care of cats after sterilization

FEATURES care of cats after sterilization

At the time of surgery anesthesia is administered to the animal, and out of it gives the cat a lot of discomfort. After sterilization, should be immediately put on the cat vest that she could not razlizat incision. The animal must be put on the floor for something warm to restore normal blood flow. Be sure to observe the pet when it will depart from the anesthesia and will move. Cat is better to keep on the floor, as she had for some time, there will be problems with the coordination of movements, from the height of it may fall and bounce. Tray better bring closer, because the cat does not always have time to reach it.

After sterilization, the wound should be checked regularly and strictly follow all recommendations of the surgeon, and a couple of times to bring their cat to the inspection and removal of sutures. Vests better not take off until complete healing of the wound, the cat is not licking it and brought it infection.

The first week after the operation, should be particularly careful to monitor the animals. Normally, after the treatment the cat's body temperature falls and this is normal. If the temperature is low for a long time, you should see a doctor, it is also dangerous and high fever that lasts more than three days. Daily check the seam and the area around it, and if there is bleeding and swelling persists for about a week, then immediately show the animal clinic where the operation was performed. Observe how your animal goes to the toilet, if more than four days, the cat can not poop, consult your doctor.

Watch and take care of the cat in the postoperative period, because it is also weakened and in need of constant care as the man. In the first couple of days it will be difficult and painful to move, not only because of the seam, but also because of the vests, chilling her movements. If the healing process is going well and there are no complications, then a week later your cat to play, run and eat as if nothing had happened.

After surgery, the cat should not be let out into the street or put it on a leash, because it can get infected.
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