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HOW TO ENTER THE CURE animal at home

Enter the drug, you can use a rubber bottle, spoon, syringe, cup Esmarch, etc.

For the treatment of foals and calves are commonly used bottles. At the same time safer to use rubber bottles of 0.5 liters. The animal should be fixed. Before treatment is necessary to lift the head. Then, pulling the cheek or mouth open, in several approaches filled with medication. If the animal is nervous, it may choke, cough. Receiving drugs need to stop and let him lower his head. Some foals is impossible to swallow the medicine. To help them, you can periodically click on the throat. Additionally, the cough may appear on the liquid trapped in the trachea, also in this case an animal's head is lowered to cure the glass from the trachea.

If necessary, the treatment of small animals (cats, dogs, etc.), liquid medicines is convenient to use a spoon. The animal should be put, and, raising his head, pull over the edge of the mouth cheek swab. The drug is poured into the cavity.

HOW TO ENTER THE CURE animal at home

You can also use a special syringe.
Among the new syringe for the administration of the drug developers animals, likely the owner was very quirky pet, so the syringe all thought.

With it, you can feed your pet any kinds of drugs: liquids, suspensions or tablets. For complete tablets have a special tip to grip. Also provided in the form of a pipette tip, with its help, you can bring up kids who have not yet learned to eat themselves.

On each side of the body and at the end of the piston rings are arranged for easy gripping. They will not allow fingers to slide and reduce the risk that a deft movement of the head or paws pet knocks the syringe out of your hands. A 15 cm length will allow access to the base of the tongue, even the largest dogs.

All components are made of high quality plastic that will not damage the delicate mucous. The syringe can be easily disassembled into its component parts, facilitating the cleaning process.

This invention will be a place in veterinary medicine cabinet from any owner who cares about their pet's health and does not seek to hurt himself to fight for it.

Syringe (or syringe) is washed prior to use with fluids containing alcohol. Then a sharp pull of the rubber tip so as not to injure the pet. The animal should stand or lie still. The tip is introduced into the cheek region and then extruded drug.

In the case of, for example, poisoning, when the animal is required to empty the bowel, using pre-enema with normal water. The water should be hot (for obvious reasons), or can be filled with saline.

The liquid is poured into a mug Esmarch. The animal may be in a lying or standing position. Injected into the rear opening of the tip of the intestine to be treated with fluids containing alcohol, and then apply Vaseline on it. The depth to which the tip part is selected based on the size of the particular animal.

Situation mugs with liquid should be as high as possible to ensure liquid flow to the anus. It is necessary to suspend or completely terminate the process if the animal appeared characteristic desires. At the same time to enhance the effect of the tail root closer to the hole. If in the process of pouring liquid flow diminishes or ceases completely, the tip extends and then gently inserted back. The volume of liquid which is injected is determined by the size of the animal. For example, a calf rate of 1 liter, for a pig of 100-150 ml, dogs and cats are administered 10-20 ml.

After cleansing enema animals need to lightly massage the abdomen. Then insert an enema with a drug infusion and repeat the cycle.
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