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Vaccines for pets

Vaccines for pets


The first administration of the first vaccination grafting material is carried out at the age of 2-2.5 months. This vaccination is carried out against hepatitis B virus, plague and rabies. The second administration is doing the first vaccination in 3-4 weeks from the first administration.

The first revaccination is carried out at six months of age, during the replacement of teeth in an animal.

The second revaccination - one year old. In the following revaccination carried out with a frequency of once a year, and the entire life of the animal.

The second administration of vaccination is necessary to consolidate the process of immunity of the organism, and the subsequent life-long annual revaccination promotes "training" the immune system and maintain a sufficient level of protective antibodies in the blood.

Cats vaccination

Unfortunately, in comparison with dogs quite a few owners of cats are vaccinated their pets. Vaccination is carried out often and exhibition instances thoroughbred animals, or those who are already faced with certain diseases of animals. Such animals are often carried home life image, and walks out of the house do not go out, and do not have to communicate with other cats. However, pathogenic microorganisms can penetrate into your home with bags or with shoes in the street, where a lot of stray, unvaccinated animals.

The timing of vaccination for cats are almost the same as in dogs. In carrying out vaccination will help veterinary clinic.

The first administration of the first vaccination is carried out in 2-2.5 months. In this age of vaccination is carried out panaleykopenii, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, chlamydia, kaltsiviroza

The second administration is performed through the first vaccination 3-4 weeks;

Revaccination is carried out twelve animal aged and in the subsequent year.

Vaccinations against fungal diseases of the skin of animals, or dermatophytes, in the main list of vaccinations are not included. For this reason, many owners of them completely informed. Such a vaccine is both, and treatment of the disease is already available, and prevention.

Heavy parasitic disease of the blood of an animal or piroplasmosis transmitted through a tick bite, a fairly common disease. Moreover, the processing means pets acaricides specific (special collars, spray or drop) does not provide absolute protection.

Currently, there are a huge range of vaccines in modern veterinary medicine. On them you can consult at any Veterinarians.

Do not forget to give your beloved pet with a frequency of 1 every quarter anthelmintics. Such drugs must necessarily give the animal for 2-4 weeks prior to any vaccination.
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