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» » Molting ANIMALS SPRING: How to help pets

Molting ANIMALS SPRING: How to help pets

Molting ANIMALS SPRING: How to help pets

It is no secret that when the pet sheds, its coat can be seen everywhere. But wait for this phenomenon is not necessary. Try to pull a couple of hairs from the animal - if possible, it means that soon will begin molting. The most effective way to get rid of excess wool - combing it. Some animals, such as cats, combing necessary. When licking during molting, the cat may swallow too much hair, which will cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Comb pet must be every day. steel comb suitable for long-haired breeds. To remove undercoat, you can use special brushes. Short-haired breeds do not need brushes, gloves with enough rough surface. With this gloves, you can easily remove dead hairs from the pet. During molting animal can be cleaned using a special shampoo to strengthen and supply of wool.

When molting pet, it may also affect his health, there is lethargy and emaciation. In the body there is a change, a lot of energy is spent to replace the coat. If these symptoms become noticeable, then the animal is urgently needed help. It is necessary to reconsider the diet, because all the necessary vitamins pet gets from food. You can give your pet a complex of vitamin and mineral supplements, but only after consultation with a veterinarian.

-Skin and coat essential fatty acids such as omega-6 and omega-3.

-It is also rich in fatty acids and fish oils.

-The dog's diet can add sea kale and brewer's yeast.

-The food should pour a few drops of almond oil.

-You also need to add crushed flaxseed, about half a teaspoon.

-Vitamins and supplements can help the new coat become thicker, stronger and healthier.

For some breeds of cats molt - a real stress. To remove the tension, the cat should be given a few drops of wild apple extract. Drops can be added to drinking water or buried in the pet's mouth. The procedure should be carried out in a calm atmosphere, and it is not recommended to raise your voice to your pet. When a cat starts to grow new fur, the extract intake should be stopped.

In the spring molt, not only cats and dogs, but also birds, livestock. For molting parrot can deliver a lot of inconvenience. Replacing the pen is accompanied by itching, so the parrot can be hard to sleep, to become nervous and restless. There are times when the bird pulls feathers New, and then on the body are formed receding hairline. During the spring molt parrot should ensure extra care and attention.

Parrot needs minerals and vitamins. If he will receive less nutrients, it can lead to improper metabolism, as well as to reduce immunity. When the parrot sheds, it requires ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is produced in the body is capable of independently birds, but need moulting ascorbic acid increased significantly.

Vitamin should be added to feed or drinking bowl with water. There are special feed mixtures which are rich in minerals and nutrient additives. At the time of molting can be given to such a mixture in a separate trough.

Parrots are very fond of bathing, especially when shed. You can put in a cell tray filled with water, then feathered pet will bathe as often as he wants to. It is important to maintain a humid microclimate in the room. Sometimes molting animals - it is an alarm signal, which is worth paying attention. If molt lasts too long, you should immediately see a specialist.
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