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» » How can I keep chinchillas at home?

How can I keep chinchillas at home?

How can I keep chinchillas at home?

Before buying a home chinchillas need to buy a house for her. It is best to approach a specialized cell from a pet store, which should be put in a quiet no hot place where the temperature will not exceed 25 ° C, otherwise the animal may die. Chinchillas is strictly forbidden to wash in the water, bathing it is necessary to put a large bowl, where the animal could fit completely. Fill a bowl of fine sand, is best suited silica sand. Clean sand, sifting it 2 times a week, and every three weeks change the filling completely.

The weak point is the chinchilla digestive tract, as a result they are very susceptible to various diseases, and the need to carefully monitor their feeding. The daily food animals must attend a special feed mixtures from pet stores and natural foods. Such products are each likely to find at home - is buckwheat, rye or oats, let them dry and germinated.

Also, chinchillas are very fond of apples, carrots and pumpkin seeds. Spring animal can feed succulent fodder, but it's worth it to go too far and begin rodent diarrhea. It is best to start feeding your pet with a small amount of dried hay. Rodents with pleasure and a treat as a normal grass and meadow. Since chinchillas are nocturnal animals longer, then they should be fed once in the evening.

Moving to a new home to new people will become chinchilla stress, but that it quickly passed and the animal accustomed to the surrounding environment, you should often approach the cage to stroke and talk to him, try to feed the pet treats with it. On the other hand it is not too often take a chinchilla in her arms, as they do not like when touched by their coat.

Handle with care chinchilla, rodent shy, and if she does not like you have on hand, you can not hold her by force, should be immediately released into the cell.
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