только у нас скачать шаблон dle скачивать рекомендуем



9 products are not recommended to give the animal:

1. Bones.
Cooked bones of any size detrimental to the health of both dogs and cats. Shards of getting into the gastrointestinal tract, can lead to disastrous results.

2. Chocolate.
It contains theobromine that causes an increase in the frequency of the heart, central nervous system stimulates, narrows the artery. Clinical symptoms vary from vomiting and diarrhea to hyperactivity and seizures.

3. Alcohol.
To poison the animals, a lot of alcohol is needed. The dog is loose, it will cling to, to beat about the angles and all that will meet on the way. Sometimes in such cases, urinary incontinence occurs. In high doses, it inhibits alcohol CN and respiratory system, the heart, can lead to death.

4. Milk.
Most of our younger brothers characterized by lactose intolerance. Their body lacks enzymes that recycle lactose that causes vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems.

5. ham, salted meat.
High fat and salt content may cause severe stomach pain and pancreatitis.

6. Onions.
Onions contain disulphides, which are harmful to the animal's blood cells, which can lead to fatal consequences. There may be anemia, weakness, trouble breathing.

7. Coffee.
It contains xanthine which operates in exactly the same way as the theobromine contained in chocolate.

8. Tuna - good for people, bad for cats.
Cat heart muscle to maintain normal strength and function, called essential amino acid taurine. Therefore, the cat, which was oversaturated tuna, which is a carrier of this amino acid can cause heart problems.

9. Raisins and grapes.
It is very harmful to the animal's kidneys. Even the smallest grape can become a bomb to their body.

Based on this list, the owners of the cats / dogs and other animals provide a healthy and peaceful life, not only their pets but also yourself. Be well and take care of pets!
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