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How to determine that the animal is ill

How to determine that the animal is ill

Animals do not know how to express their needs words as a person and complain about their sickness, too, can not, so the owners or volunteers should be able to detect the disease in time to promptly help the animal.

-Firstly, should closely monitor the animals and their behavior. It will also be useful for treatment subsequent to the vet.

-Second, observe the vigor and animal mobility, agility and fun location says about the well-being of the animal.

-Third. Condition hair. The coat should be shiny, smooth, without any bald spots and torn shreds (bald spots may be evidence of cutaneous as scabs).

-Fourth. Body temperature. In dogs, the normal body temperature ranges from thirty-seven to thirty-nine degrees, thirty-eight cats, thirty-nine degrees Celsius.

-Fifth. Pulse. In dogs the frequency reaches 70-120 heart beats per minute, in cats is approximately 109-135 beats per minute.

-Sixth. Detection of injuries and damage in cats and dogs do not cause difficulties. But to determine internal injuries and diseases should be followed by the behavior. Diseased animals characterized by dryness of the nose, lethargy, drowsiness, little moves, wool becomes matted, animals may moan and whine, labored and infrequent urination, fever.

When infectious and krovoparazinnyh diseases, inflammatory processes, there is a rapid pulse, fever in animals by 1-2 degrees, and there is rapid breathing.

On examination of the animal propaltsovyvayut stomach and lymph nodes.

Before you treat a dog or cat, it is advisable to check blood, urine and feces.

At the first sign of disease in the animal, the animal should be taken to a veterinary clinic for a visit to a professional veterinarian. Only a professional inspection will help determine a diagnosis quickly and correctly and help your animal.
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