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Treatment of protrusion of the spine folk remedies

What is the protrusion of spinal disks: symptoms, causes, types

Protrusion is not a single disease but an initial stage of osteoarthritis, which when delayed treatment can lead to a herniated disc.

Degenerative processes can occur in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and lumbar - sacral spine.

As a result, any impact or strong pressure on the back of the fibrous ring becomes thinner, but not broken, as in the extrusion. The nucleus pulposus begins to swell and becomes convex, and the patient feels a sharp pain. Treatment of protrusion of the spine without surgery is possible only in case of detection of the disease at an early stage, namely before the vertebral hernia.

By types of protrusion of the spine happens:

central (the bulge toward the center of the spinal canal);
lateral (the protrusion formed on right or left of the spine);
posterolateral (going towards the back and side);
back (towards the back).
The main causes of degenerative processes in tissues include:

sedentary lifestyle;
Eating disorders of the intervertebral discs;
excessive load on the spine as a result of class power sports;
infectious nature of the disease;
personal injury;
metabolic disease;
changes occurring as a result of aging;
sudden movements.
Danger disc protrusion of the spine is that it can develop without any symptoms for a long time. Only after the swelling of the nucleus pulposus and nerve root compression him, begin to show signs of protrusion and strengthened with time.

Characteristic symptoms protrusion:

stiffness in the lower back or other parts of the spine;
appearance of pain during movement or strong physical exertion;
numbness in the feet and toes;
muscle weakness;
the emergence of dizziness and headaches in the case of degenerative processes in the cervical region;
high blood pressure;
frequent urination (if compression affects the function of the spinal cord).
At the first sign of the disease is an urgent need to see a specialist in order to avoid complications and subsequent surgery.

Treatment of protrusion of the spine folk remedies: homemade recipes
Treatment of protrusion of the spine folk remedies

Treatment of protrusion of the spine in the home can be carried out only in combination with conventional therapy, and only under the supervision of a physician. The use of folk remedies can help ease pain, improve health and significantly speed up the recovery.

Treatment of protrusion of the cervical spine

Tincture, made from lilac, it improves health and reduces pain. Cook it simply:

We must take a glass of lilac color and fill it with two cups of vodka.
The mixture was placed in a glass pot and put in a dark place for two weeks.
The infusion must be rubbed in the back before going to bed every day for a month.
Treatment of protrusion of the spine

Alcohol tincture of St. John's wort can help the patient completely forget what the protrusion of the spine:

For its preparation should be 100 grams of grass and flowers of Hypericum pour two cups of vodka.
Insist 7 days, then filtered through cheesecloth.
Every day before going to sleep you need to rub the sore spot and go to bed.
The course of treatment - 30 days.
Treatment of protrusion of lumbar spine

Birch leaves can improve the metabolic processes in the tissues, and to overcome this unpleasant disease.

To prepare a tincture, it is necessary to fill the glass pot 3 liter birch leaves and pour raw corn oil.
Closed pot should be put on the windowsill for 14 days.
Daily medicine should be shaken. When the drug is ready, it is necessary to push through a sieve.
Every day before going to bed the infusion should be rubbed into the waist.
Treatment of protrusion of the lumbosacral spine

Wormwood, or rather its flower baskets are used for making medicinal teas from protrusions:

Tablespoon of raw materials necessary to pour a glass of boiling water.
Infuse for three hours, then filtered using a sieve.
The affected area should be rubbed into the fluid before bedtime.
Perform the procedure every day until complete recovery.
Treatment of protrusion of the disc turpentine

Very effective for spinal disc protrusion considered turpentine baths:

On a fine grater rub baby soap is necessary, and dilute it in a liter of boiling water.
The solution should be one percent pour 30 ml glass salicylic acid and turpentine.
The bathroom should be filled with water temperature of 45 degrees and to pour three tablespoons of the resulting liquid.
Take the bathroom for 10 minutes daily until the protrusion disappears.
It should be noted that people suffering from heart disease, it is necessary to abandon this method of therapy.

Treatment of protrusion of the disc garlic

The main objective of the use of funds, prepared on the basis of garlic - eliminate inflammation and pain in the protrusions.

It is necessary to clean up and push through a meat grinder 300 grams of garlic, then add the slurry in 150 ml of alcohol or vodka.
Garlic-alcohol mixture should be put in a dark place for 10 days.
After this time, the medicine can be used.
Slurry must be applied to the affected area, to consolidate polyethylene and tie a warm cloth, hold about 45 minutes before the burning sensation of light.
Carry out the procedure you need every day to the disappearance of the disease.
Treatment of protrusion of the disc kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Kalanchoe compresses will help get rid of even running stages of the disease.

Leaves of the plant should be cut and applied to the affected area.
It is advisable to fix them adhesive and a woolen scarf.
Putting a compress preferably daily before going to bed and keep it until the next morning to a full recovery.
You can combine this method of therapy with turpentine baths.
Treatment of protrusion of the disc honey

This unique product, as honey, is widely used for the treatment of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. To improve the effect of his adopted combined with herb comfrey.

200 grams of comfrey root in a fresh need to navigate through a meat grinder and add to the slurry cup of honey and ? cup of aloe juice.
All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and put in the refrigerator.
Take a spoonful of mash every morning before breakfast for two weeks.
After a 14-day break, the course can be repeated.
Treatment of protrusion of the disc herbs

For the preparation of the effective herbal decoction should take sage (100 g) and 50 g of horsetail, chamomile flowers and leaves of mint.
4 tbsp herbal mixture should pour 2/3 cup of boiling water.
A bowl of medicine need to cover and infuse for an hour.
Steamed herbal mixture recommended to put on a cotton cloth and apply to the affected area, securing the film and scarf.
After an hour, remove the wrap.
Conduct wrapping procedure daily until the disappearance of the disease.
Therapeutic exercises in the protrusion of the spine

Physiotherapy in the spinal disc protrusion will improve the mobility of the spine and prevent the development of disease. It is enough to perform a simple set of exercises every day. It takes more than 10 minutes.

It should lie on your back and legs extended straight. The essence of the exercise is to raise the shoulders without moving the feet, and to remain in this position for 10 seconds. The need to return to its original position slowly and gently. It is required to perform 15 repetitions with an interval of 10 seconds.
It should be on the knees and keeping your back straight, walk on the floor for 5 minutes.
Standing on all fours, to pull your right leg and left arm, and then return to starting position. Repeat the same thing only the left foot and right hand. Do 10 repetitions.
It should lie on your back, bend the legs and keep the hands at your sides. It is necessary to raise a basin for a few seconds and retained in this position. The number of repetitions - 5. 

Prevention and useful tips on how to avoid disc protrusion

To prevent the occurrence of protrusion of the spine, it is recommended to listen to the advice of doctors and easy to follow them. For effective prevention of protrusion of the disc should be:

posture control;
watch weight;
perform simple exercises that improve the mobility of the spine;
try not to overload your back;
as little as possible to walk in high heels or flat shoes;
the right to distribute the load on the spine, for example, when heavy bags;
gently lift weights;
sleep on a mattress of medium hardness;
do sport;
Healthy food.
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