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» » Bacopa monnieri Herb for Memory Function

Bacopa monnieri Herb for Memory Function

Brahmi is a creeping herb, generally found in muddy wetlands, enriched with many bio-chemical compounds such as Brahmine, Herpestine, flavonoids, saponins, sterols, alkaloids, Betulic acid, stimastorol, betasitosterol, bacoside, and bacopasaponins. This Ayurvedic medicine is used as aphrodisiac, memory booster, boosting health and tonic for many ailments. Bacopa is an edible plant, has small oval leaves, which are succulent. Its fruits are oval and sharp at the apex.

Brahmi – The Herb for Memory

It is a proven herb that increases the power of the mind and is good for the heart as well. It enhances and adds goodness to you in the following ways:

Gives you the power of learning
Endows you with the power of retention
Gifts you the power of recall
Strengthens and fortifies your mind
Blesses you with a balanced and blissful heart

How does Brahmi Work?

Brahmi is used as a brain tonic and booster
It has a proven effect on one’s individual cognitive process
Leads to faster learning and better mental power
Imbibes better acquisition and learning rate in an individual
Improves memory retention

This Indian Ayurvedic herb is known for multiple health and medicinal benefits

Brahmi for hair loss: Applying this oil on the scalp is good to strengthening the hair follicles. Its massaging is beneficial in checking dandruff, itchiness, formation of split ends and flakes.

Scalp nourishment: The massage of hot Brahmi oil provides proper nutrients to the hair follicles thus invigorating the hair growth.

Prevents Alopecia: Brahmi oil is rich in bio-chemical compounds in the form of antioxidants. The massage with this oil treats temporary or permanent baldness.

Brahmi for fair skin:The presence of antioxidants in the Ayurvedic herb help to dispel toxins from the body, especially from the epithelium layer thus improves skin complexion and stimulates skin cell regeneration. It is also good for inner skin that lines the digestive tract, which support the functions of healthy microbes. Brahmi is used in treating of psoriasis, eczema, abscess and ulceration

Treats insomnia: Massaging the scalp with Brahmi oil helps to overcome sleep disorder, which leads to cure depression, anxiety, tension and stress. It is recommended that a person is suffering from such negative domains of health should massage his head every night with this oil. It is helpful with hyperactive children too.

Deals with mental problems: Brahmi oil has refreshing effects on mind, used as mental tonic that helps in focused concentration, increasing memory power, mental alertness, amnesia and Alzheimer’s. In fact, Brahmi has nitric oxide, which has positive impacts on the brain functioning and mental clarity.

Brahmi treats Alzheimer’s: The presence of amyloid compound in neurons is responsible to brain damage and augments Alzheimer’s disease. The bio-chemical bacosides compound in Brahmi influences the brain cells and helps in re-building of brain tissue.

Brahmi for stress reduction: Brahmi acts as a stress buster and mood elevator by the decreasing the level of cortisol hormone, which is the main culprit for stress. Brahmi acts as adaptogen by adapting the stressful conditions. Taking the tea of Brahmi-Tulsi eases to cope up rough times.

Brahmi for memory: Brahmi affects the hippocampus part of the brain, which is responsible for intelligence, memory and concentration. The powder of

Brahmi will be also beneficial for hyperactive children (ADHD). The leaf of the brain show similarities with cerebellum thus helps in memory and concentration

Brahmi for epilepsy treatment: Bacopa has been used since long times as neurological tonic and cognitive improvement. It is used in curing of neurological problem (epilepsy) when taken along with Vacha. The chemicals bacosides A and B improves neuro-transmission among brain cells. They help to repair damage neuron too. Its chemical properties mitigates neuro-degeneration

Medicinal uses of Brahmi

There are many medicinal and therapeutic uses of Brahmi. Some of the important uses are follows: It ensures smooth circulation of blood thus good for healthy liver, lungs and kidney. It is also used as to increase sex drive, impotence, arthritis, cholesterol, insomnia, memory booster, mental fatigue, IBS, bronchial problems, inflammations, cough, asthma, antidepressant and rheumatism.

Side effects of Brahmi

One should avoid using it while taking birth control pills
During estrogen replacement therapy, it should be avoided.
Stop it if you are taking phenothiazine
Too much consume of it leads to stomach discomfort.
One shouldn’t consume it above the doses of 2 tsp

Brahmi leaf provides great benefits to Health in multiple ways. Consuming the Brahmi leaf daily may be a difficult task for many of us. It is not necessary to take only Brahmi as leaf. Below are the various form to in take the Brahmi leaf.

Brahmi Drink:

Soak Brahmi leaves in water overnight. Grind into a paste with a few ground almonds, sugar-candy and milk. This tonic gives strength and cools the system, tones the liver and eliminates all worms in the bowels. This drink fights nervous debility and invigorates the brain.

Paste and Juice:

Paste of the leaves applied to a child's navel cures dysentery and diarrhea. It also helps in elephantiasis, swelling of the testicles, rheumatic swelling, boils and contusion. Juice of the leaves mixed with cow's milk, cures skin diseases, impure blood in children, syphilis and stomach troubles in adults.

Brahmi Pills:

Make pea-sized pills using five parts of Brahmi whole plant powder, four parts kushtam (costus root) powder and six parts honey. Take one pill daily for nervous debility caused by diseases of the lower abdomen.
Brahmi Leaves Powder:
Five grains of powder in 750 ml milk twice daily increases memory power. This powder is also useful in leprosy. Spread fresh leaves on a clean mat in the shade. Freely expose them to air, but not to sun. Do not use heat as this destroys all its virtues. When the leaves are fully dried, powder them finely and keep in a well-corked bottle. Take three to five grains three times daily.

Brahmi is also used for protein deficiencies and increases red blood corpuscles. It cools the brain and calms the heart and helps to guard against heart attacks. It purifies the entire system and eliminates poisons and toxic substances from the kidneys and liver. Taken with tulsi/ basil and a little black pepper, Brahmi is good for all kinds of fevers.
Brahmi Kayo Kalpa treatment restores a aged body to its youth and vigour and re-establishes the full potential of the senses. It stimulates hair and nail growth and is considered to be the elixir of life that restores the natural balance of the three doshas, normalizes the functioning of the sapto dhatus, and cures many incurable diseases.

Brahmi-Dhania Chutney

Coriander-Dhania leaves - 2 cups
Grated coconut - 1/2 cup
Brahmi - 4 leaves
Green chilli - 1
Ginger - 1/4 piece
Jeera seeds - 1/2 tsp
Tamarind/lmli paste - 1/4 tsp
Gur/Jaggery/Molasses - 1/4 tsp

Wash and dry coriander and brahmi leaves. Blend to a paste all the ingredients. Store is an airtight container in the refrigerator and serve with Roti, Dosa, Idli.
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