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Treatment of constipation folk remedies

What is constipation. Symptoms reasons species

Constipation is hindered by the process of bowel processed foods. It occurs in both children and adults at risk get the elderly.

Norm bowel considered chair from several times a day to 2 - 4 times a week, with consideration being given to human comfort. For successful treatment of constipation given the nature of the traditional methods are many natural healing recipes.

Constipation is divided into atonic and spastic. Atonic constipation due to the following reasons:

changes in the structure of the colon due to genetic abnormalities;
the effects of past diseases, mechanical injury associated with the digestive system and other organs that are not directly related to this phenomenon (eg, head injury);
the development of diseases that impede natural processes emptying. It ulcers, tumors, hemorrhoids, all kinds of cracks or breaks.
Spastic constipation occurs in the following cases:

stress situations and changes in the endocrine system;
violation of the structure of the digestive tract. It may be caused by age-related changes, pregnancy, lack of physical movement, or, conversely, excessive overload;
reception of a number of medicines;
reducing the amount of plant food and water due to diet or life circumstances.
Risk of constipation is as follows:

A rare bowel movements often accompanied by flatulence, bloating, weight and discomfort in the abdomen.
Irregular relief from food residues can lead to a state of dysbiosis.
The toxins poison the entire body, causing drowsiness, depression.
Chronic constipation may trigger the development of hemorrhoids and colon cancer.
Treatment of constipation folk remedies: homemade recipes

Treatment of constipation folk remedies

To successfully overcome the problem of constipation, there are a range of measures. This adherence to the recommendations of the official medicine, regulation of food, physical activity, as well as the vast storehouse of natural remedies.

The treatment of constipation in adults

Excellent health and provide regular work GI breakfast cereal rye bran. Pour the hot milk and 100 grams of bran for 20 minutes, close the lid tightly.
Bulgarian pepper and tomato, cut in half, cover with vegetable oil and eat before going to bed. Oil soothes inflamed skin, and vitamin-rich vegetables will regulate the bowels.
Constipation in the elderly: Treatment

In old age, to eliminate frequent flatulence help sauerkraut juice.
Gently cleanse the body salad of roast beets, walnuts and prunes.
Treatment of constipation during pregnancy

Bloating and digestive problems often accompanies pregnancy due to a decrease in muscle tone of the intestine.

Expectant mother constipation help decoction of prunes and dried apricots.
Get rid of flatulence and dysbiosis steamed oatmeal (2 tbsp. Tablespoons per 100ml of water), with the addition of linseed oil (1 teaspoon) and honey (1 tbsp. Spoon).
 The treatment of constipation in children

Most children love the sweet and not very useful products and cereals, vegetables and fruits that contribute to the full emptying, sidelined.

To help your child avoid problems with the intestines, colitis, constipation, you need to regularly take on an empty stomach a glass of kefir or yogurt.

Little sweet tooth will appreciate and dessert of dried apricots, raisins and prunes:

Components in a meat grinder to grind and treat the child after each meal, a teaspoon.
 Treatment of constipation in an suckling baby

Causes of constipation in infants may be an abnormal development of the digestive system, unbalanced diet (diet of the mother or the poor quality of artificial mixtures), hormonal disorders and diseases of the nervous system.

From the first days of life the baby can be given tea of ??fennel.
The smallest start with one teaspoon, and as the child grows, increase the dose.
In the event of a disease condition due to constipation (squawk, bloating, no more than a day to defecate) should apply potato candles:

Boil a potato shape of her small (2-3 cm) cone-shaped candle, carefully oiled.
 Chronic constipation: Treatment

Fiber-rich apple puree, chopped prunes and rye bran to eat throughout the day with plenty of water.
Every day, eat a boiled carrots with a small amount of sour cream.
 Spastic constipation: Treatment

Excellent increases stress relaxing bath with essential oils - juniper, bergamot, sage.
Such procedures are well calm the nervous system as one of the manifestations of psychological factors spasiticheskih constipation.
Atonic constipation: Treatment

Daily travel a distance of not less than 2 kilometers. This will improve muscle tone, particularly of internal organs.
To pass the course of oil enemas and increase the use of cucumbers, high water content which will facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
Treatment of constipation with hemorrhoids

Before eating drunk a glass of water with the juice of aloe (2 teaspoons) will help speed up the healing process of fractures.
Hemorrhoids most effective treatment of constipation castor oil: 1 tbsp. spoon on an empty stomach will increase the intestinal peristalsis, and oleic, linoleic acid and ricin soften food residues.
Treatment of constipation drug

If you experience constipation medication should stop taking the medication, talking to your doctor about replacement therapy eliminates problems with digestion.
To cleanse the body every day to drink 2 liters. non-carbonated mineral water.
In the same amount of broth to eat raisins.
Treatment of an acute condition of constipation

These funds are used only when there is pain and have no complex. At constant reception can cause weakening of the muscles of the intestine and lead to chronic constipation.

Proven to be effective in the treatment of constipation, such as the gifts of nature leaves senna, rhubarb root and stems, beets, fruits rhineberry (buckthorn). They are the main components of decoctions and infusions, one-time used to obtain the desired result. 

Prevention and tips how to avoid chronic constipation

Contact health and food intake are common knowledge, since the absorption of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins provide the necessary energy for life:

It should enrich their diet cereals, fruits and vegetables, contain large amounts of fiber;
Fats used in the form of vegetable oils - olive, linseed, sesame;
Meat and fish should not exceed 20% of the daily diet;
Delete from the menu, carbonated beverages, seasonings, sauces, products containing dyes and flavor enhancers;
Eat only natural healthy food - natural ingredients do not have contraindications and contribute to the harmonization of physical and emotional sensations of man;
Always drink plenty of purified water (at least 2 liters per day).
Do not forget about physical activity feasible: physiotherapy for constipation includes a set of exercises to strengthen the press and increase the elasticity of the muscles. It is useful to do some sport or even an intensive regular walking will significantly reduce the risk of constipation.
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