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Folk remedies for cellulite

Folk remedies for celluliteCellulite, as many believe, is the result of overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. But in fact, a disease of the subcutaneous fat and it appears very unattractive way - rough "orange peel". Cellulite, unfortunately, is not considered to age or the woman's complexion as it is due to the female physiology. Fat cells have tsellyulitanas Folk remedies for women, located perpendicular to the surface of the skin, and the accumulation of fat increased in volume. Therefore, they seem to stick out from the inside, giving the skin an unpleasant kind of lumpy.

Cellulite usually affects the hips, buttocks and stomach, rarely - hand. Unfortunately, to get rid of this problem is difficult. But nothing can help us as a desire to have a young and beautiful body!

We can not say that in this matter you should use one, some the best way. Of course, the most effective method in this situation is an integrated approach. The fight against cellulite, you can start with a morning run in the park or park near the house, swimming pool, gym - you can use any exercise. Also, the ideal impact on the problem areas and will have a folk remedies treatment of cellulite - it wraps, masks, scrubs, lotions, anti-cellulite massage with essential oils of all kinds, colored clay, coffee, honey, apple cider vinegar and others.

Folk remedies for cellulite firmly occupied a worthy place in cosmetology. Their advantage - ease of use and low costs, safety and efficiency. With regular and prolonged use of folk remedies for cellulite - you will achieve great results!

Folk remedies for cellulite
Anti-cellulite tea from parsley
Two tablespoons of parsley pour one cup of boiling water, cover and leave for 5 minutes, then strain. For two weeks, every day, drink no more than one cup of this tea. IMPORTANT! From the use of this tea will have to give up if you have kidney disease or you are pregnant.
Folk remedies for celluliteWork on muscle mass
Muscles - it is a natural consumer of calories, the more muscle mass, the less calories will be stored as fat.
Water and juices
Eat more fluid. It is important that it was the water or fresh juice, no preservatives, everything should be natural.
Sea salt
Make it a rule once a week, take 20 minute bath with the addition of sea salt.
Watch out for power
Eat more high-quality protein: fish, poultry. Enter in your diet foods. Containing vitamin C, zinc and copper. Vitamin C is contained in excess in fruits, copper and zinc in cereals, peas, beans.

Shower cellulite
Hydrotherapy helps to improve blood circulation in problem areas and eliminates congestion in the stomach, intestines, pancreas and liver. To achieve the desired result, you need to properly perform the procedure.
1. Remove the spray head with a shower or install it on a hard bracket. At the bottom of the tub, place dense rubber mat to avoid hypothermia feet.
2. After that, send a stream of cold water from the rear side of the foot up the outer side of the calf and lead it to the shoulder blade. Finally, send a stream of water on the right side of the back along the spine and go back along the inside of his right foot.
3. Repeat these steps for the left leg.
4. Then start all over again from the back of the right foot and keep a stream of water upward. Only now is not to the back and the abdomen. Then go down the same way as described above.
5. Repeat for all the left leg.
6. After the procedure is not wiping. Just shake off excess water from the skin surface by hand. Then put a warm comfortable clothes and go about another 10 minutes.
Folk remedies for celluliteMilk Bath
Folk remedies for cellulite
The beneficial anti-aging effects on the skin have a milk bath. Do not worry, no need to fill the bath with milk. Suffice it to a few glasses of milk, add a normal bath.
Coffee Scrub
A good tool to get rid of cellulite - a scrub made from coffee grounds. It is important that on the grounds was a natural coffee. Soluble Powder is no curative effect will not have. Take the coffee grounds from your drinking coffee and put it on the problem areas of skin in circular motions. Leave the thick skin for about 10-15 minutes, then take a contrast shower.
Anti-cellulite scrub from oatmeal
Mix one tablespoon of oatmeal and corn flakes, add two tablespoons of sugar and three tablespoons of olive oil. The resulting mixture is rubbed with soft circular movements into problem areas of the skin. Recipe №10. Oatmeal scrub for cellulite. A small amount of oatmeal in a coffee grinder and grind them, add small amount of milk, it is necessary to obtain a mixture the consistency of sour cream. Rub the scrub in a circular motion into the skin. Then leave it for 10-12 minutes, then take a contrast shower. Recipe
Vinegar compress against cellulite
Normal cider vinegar should be diluted with water to quantitatively combined 1: 1. The resulting mixture should be a few drops of peppermint or lemon essential oil. The prepared mixture is applied to problem areas, wrap a plastic bag or mica. Then take cover warm blanket and lie with the compress for half an hour. Then take a contrast shower and rub the skin nourishing cream. Recipe
The main enemy of cellulite - a jump rope. Jump rope several times a day and your cellulite will be torpedoed.

Cellulite Treatment folk remedies
Large popular as clay. The clay can be purchased at a pharmacy for a fairly low price and use at home. Clay, regardless of the color (blue, white, green, black), will have the greatest impact on the problem areas on your body. The clay is very effective to use with the addition of a variety of healthy ingredients - are all possible flavored oils, coffee, honey, salt. It can also be used without additions. Useful substances contained in clay, not only make your skin Gorny and velvety, but also a beneficial effect on the body and nervous system.
Folk remedies for cellulitePotato wraps
Cut the raw, unrefined, but clean the potatoes into thin slices. Then gently overlaid them on top of the problem area and the Wrap with plastic wrap. Hold 30 minutes. Then remove.
Coffee is not only a noble invigorating drink, but also an effective folk remedy in the fight against cellulite. It is widely used in modern cosmetics, because it has a wonderful properties. Coffee is not some other product perfectly removes toxins and breaks down subcutaneous fat. The coffee used in the manufacture of masks, serums, scrubs, gels and other means. In the opinion, the most effective action has ground coffee from green beans. Therefore, to prepare it at home is not recommended to use roasted grains.
Apple vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is one of the best ways to fight cellulite. It is part of lotions that are used for masks, wraps and massage treatments. Apple cider vinegar is best to prepare the national method in the home as the most valuable here is the "mother of vinegar" (mucous warbler, which contains all the nutrients).
Sea salt
Sea salt is indispensable for the care of your body. It perfectly cleanses and tones the skin, calms the nervous system. Salt contains useful trace elements and substances, and is a wonderful folk remedy to combat cellulite. This can bath with sea salt, scrubs, masks. A solution of sea salt can even drink. The most effective impact on our body has a salt from the Dead Sea, so beware of imitations and buy it in only in pharmacies and specialized stores in your city.
Folk remedies for celluliteEssential oils
Folk remedies for cellulite
. The composition of the essential oils include active ingredients which, when applied to the skin to warm it and can improve the regeneration process, accelerate the metabolism and blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on the entire organism.

Anticellulite massage
Camyh effective and affordable ways to deal with cellulite honey massage experts believe. Honey has long been famous for its excellent properties. It is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients. Honey gives our skin all the nutrients and easily removes toxins. Anti-cellulite massage with honey is an excellent remedy for cellulite on the thighs and sagging skin, and even after several sessions gives visible results. It stimulates the blood vessels, prevents the accumulation of salts, improves the function of internal organs, smoothes hypodermic seal. Anti-cellulite massage with honey is effective not only for cellulite, and stretch marks. This useful product contains substances that increase the lymph and blood circulation in the subcutaneous layers, improves metabolism, and thus contribute to smoothing the skin, improve its elasticity. For one massage to combat cellulite you will need about 2 hours. L. honey per zone. Honey can be anything. It is important that there was no additives and it was not sugared.

To enhance the effect, many experts recommend to add the honey citrus essential oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit), eucalyptus, juniper. For 2 h. L. Honey, take 5 drops of oil.

Before the massage the desired part of the body should be warmed, massaged his hands. Then, pressing movements apply honey on it. The denser and sharper you do it, the more effective the treatment. Each body portion is massaged from 6 to 10 minutes.

In order to achieve visible results, massage experts advise to spend a day within 10-14days. In this case, honey massage allows to remove up to 2-4 centimeters extra volume. After massage, wipe or wash the treated part of the body with warm water without using sponges. Then apply a moisturizer on it. The procedure can be quite painful. Do not worry: after two or three sessions of domestic honey skin gets used to the procedures and the pain will disappear.

If there are funds in April would be good to carry out anti-cellulite physiotherapy. It can be hand-specialized massages, body wraps, massage apparatus, or even more complex procedures. Good results give electromyostimulation followed by hand massage, using the gel. But if all these delights are no funds, manages household folk remedies to combat cellulite: manual self-massage with a gel or cream, walking on yagoditsah- 5-7 minutes a day, contrasting douches or wraps.

Contrasting pouring and wrapping
Cook 2 medium sized towels. In a bowl, pour hot broth chamomile in the other - very cold decoction of rosemary and mint ice. Place the towel in a basin. One by one, remove and put on the thigh from the knee to the body: Start with hot, cold finish procedure for every hip. Change of towels Do 3-5 times. This procedure is conveniently carried out sitting in a pre-heated by a heater bathroom, on the edge of the bath, put her feet on the bottom.

Fighting cellulite effect of folk remedies laborious, it requires a great deal of time and patience. See the results right away you do not get. Daily exercise, nutrition scrubs and a proper diet to help you cope with cellulite.
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