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Packs for aching joints

Packs for aching joints
Recipe 1. Sea buckthorn oil against diseases of the joints
Mix half a tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil with two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of crushed sea salt. The mixture was warmed in an enamel container and stir until smooth. Rub the area of ??the affected joint before bed, cover with a sheet of a burdock, and fix the film to wrap a woolen cloth. The wrap is removed in the morning, his place is wiped with a damp towel.

Recipe 2 Compress for arthritis
Mix one tablespoon of flower honey with two tablespoons of camphor oil. The mixture evenly cover one side of the fresh leaves of cabbage, and the same party to make a cabbage leaf to the sore knee. You can fix the sheet film and be sure to wrap a warm towel or scarf. Hold compress up to four hours.
Packs for aching joints
Cabbage leaf itself has healing properties. To strengthen their joints for the treatment of patients, do the following. Cabbage leaf promyat need to cut out of his large veins. If done correctly, then the leaf stand out a little juice. Thus treated sheet is applied to the diseased area, and fixed film (cellophane) and a towel or scarf. The compress should not drag the fabric - enough so that the sheet is not loosed from the right place. To remove the swelling of the joints compress enough to be with a couple of hours.

3. The recipe packs based on mustard
Packs for aching joints
Mix equal proportions of liquid honey, dry mustard and vegetable oil (enough for one compress one tablespoon of each ingredient). The mixture was put on a moderate fire and bring to a boil. Ready therapeutic composition put on a gauze evenly folded in two or three layers. For convenience, place the gauze on the plastic film in advance. Apply a compress, wrap compress space. Hold compress recommended half an hour.

If you frequently tormented pain in the joint of the big finger of a hand, a separate recipe. Protein whisk two eggs - should see foam. Mix camphor oil, and dry mustard - 100 g of each ingredient, the resulting mass is mixed with whipped whites. Use the ready mix as an ointment, rubbing the affected area, which should be covered with gauze and wrap immediately after the application. The mixture can be stored in a jar, tightly close the lid and put in a dark, cool place.

Recipe 4. Hot compresses with osteoarthritis
The effect of hot compresses is based on improving the circulation into the affected area, which leads to the removal of pain and swollen resorption. The role of a hot compress can perform the yellow card or a lotion of oatmeal diluted with warm water. Particular positive effects have applied to the aching joints with hot sand bags - keep this bag needs about 20 minutes.
Packs for aching joints
Even the simplest steam compress can give the desired therapeutic effect, if properly observe the sequence of actions. It takes a towel, waffle or linseed. Fold the towel in four to six layers and moisten it just the boiled water, gently squeeze. Cover with a damp towel or flannel wool fabric on both sides and so attach to the place of the patient's joint. Be careful when handling the hot water! Under compress should feel warm, not searing pain. Over tissue compress put a heating pad and secure it with a towel or scarf. Once the heater starts to cool, it is necessary to change to the new - hot. Repeat change warmers need at least three times.
Attention! Hot compresses are contraindicated in radiculitis.
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