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Eight rules to help overcome depression

The first rule of fight depression

Try more sleep, no wonder people say that the dream - the best medicine. It really helps to emotionally recover and forget about the past troubles. Depression is often accompanied by insomnia, and this is even more aggravated by man. Please use sedatives, do some exercise to fully experience the fatigue and the desire to relax. Calm and sound sleep also contribute to the evening walks in the fresh air, they saturate your body with oxygen and help you feel in the morning quite cheerful.

The second rule of fight depression

Try to communicate more with others, do not be afraid to make new acquaintances, looking for an interesting company that will help you to regain a taste for life. You can talk about their problems close to people, but does not allow them to constantly focus on your challenges, keep the conversation with the "speak out and forget."

Is not confined to the four walls of your own home, if you have nothing to do there. Always try to think of a way to spend time with benefits. If all the household chores are finished, go for a walk, meet friends or visit a variety of activities. Look for yourself an interesting exercise, do not sit around, do some spiritual growth and enlightenment.
Eight rules to help overcome depression

The third rule of fight depression

If you can not be in public places, and used to spend time alone, please send your thoughts on creation, try to do something creative, to express themselves and their inner world outside. This will vent and neutralize your depression. Be sure of your free time is devoted to physical activities, they provide an opportunity to be cleansed of negative emotions. Most take a shower, imagining how the water carries away all your troubles back to where they will never return.

The fourth rule to fight depression

Make time for eating, in any case, do not overeat, do not make a cult out of food, engage in the development of a correct and healthy diet that does not clog your body slags and fill it with energy. Eliminate a few weeks away from junk food, after some time you will feel a surge of strength, and the desire to eat high-calorie, fatty and heavy foods will come to naught. A balanced diet will give you a feeling of lightness. Wrong to think that a portion of ice cream or chocolate will help you forget about the worries and frustration, they create an imaginary sense of happiness because they contain substances that stimulate the production of endorphins. Food will not save from depression, it can only create illusory moments of pleasure and addiction, but the right diet will be another step toward overcoming sadness and depression.

The fifth rule struggle with depression

Make changes in your surrounding environment, you can partially replace the usual daily routine, for example, go to a different route to work. You need to create a sense of novelty, practice development of a new interior design in the house or just do permutation of furniture. Obstavte room bright, elegant and original things that you can learn with interest. The old, boring things without regret, throw away, free of them.

The sixth rule to fight depression

Think about the opportunity to have a pet, but remember that he not only bring you joy, but also becomes a full member of the family, which should be taken care of. Come to this decision carefully, remember liability to any living being, you should be confident in their abilities before you become the proud owner of a cute furry lump of happiness and fun. Kitten, dog or hamster in need of attention, good nutrition, care and regular veterinary inspection. Nevertheless, it was a pet to help cope with depression, as well as possible. If you have depressed delayed, consider this option.
Eight rules to help overcome depression

Joyful and memorable event will be a visit to the zoo or the exhibition of animals. There you can see not only the cute little animals domestic or wild animals graceful, but to communicate with other people. If you understand that it is not willing to take responsibility for your pet, try to buy a flower in a pot, plants are also noticeably react to emotions, you can talk to them, getting from this positive emotions and investment state of depression.

The seventh rule to fight depression

Shopping - an effective way to escape, but keep in mind the self-control to not vent out of their lives depressed due to the acquisition, depending on the desire to buy. By the way, you do not have to do anything to buy, if you can not afford it, go shopping, just to try on your favorite outfits and try to create a new image.

The eighth rule to fight depression

When you have the opportunity to spend some money for fun, go to a beauty salon. This pastime increases self-esteem and improves mood, you do not need to radically change the image, use the Restoring mask for hair and body, or sign up for a relaxing massage. Remarkably uplifting and good spirits returns a visit to aromatherapy.

These simple tips will help to carry you quickly and for a long time to say goodbye to depression. And remember that any treatment is the basis of your desire to get well.
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