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Treatment of colds

- If the temperature shot up, do not rush it just to shoot down: the heat destroys viruses and microbes. Therefore, physicians believe that resorting to medicines for treating colds necessary only in those cases where the above temperature 38 ° C (in children - above 38.5 ° C).

- In the treatment of colds cough pills suppress harmful, because by coughing lungs and bronchial tubes are cleared of mucus. Conversely, if the wet cough (with sputum) take expectorant drugs such as licorice root, plantain.

Treatment of colds

To cope with a fever with a cold, drink plenty of fluids: hot tea, infusion of rose hip, cranberry juice, warm milk. According to doctors, when the body is dehydrated, vomiting stronger. To cope with the chill, wear cotton underwear, then - a vest, on top of it - a woolen sweater. Firstly, a multilayer clothes better retains heat, and secondly, the components of this "wardrobe" is easily varied depending upon body temperature.

- When the first symptoms of colds and runny nose twice a day, arrange his nose salty "souls." Then runny nose is not held within a week, and two days later. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of boiled water with a small enema wash nasal passages by turns. This is not to throw back his head back - stand should be directly over the sink so that the water poured back.

- Before going to bed sheet under the head of an extra pillow - it will facilitate the outflow of mucus, runny nose and cough are not annoy you too much during sleep. Uncomfortable pillows to sleep on the pyramid? Then put them under the mattress - the transition from the head to the back will not be as noticeable.

Treatment of colds

- If during treatment of colds you appetite, do not force yourself to eat. Ideal for the treatment of cold foods such as yogurt, yogurt, fermented baked milk. Scientists believe that the substances contained in them, contribute to the development of antibodies to the causative agent. Rescued and chicken broth, it is tasty and nutritious, and soothes the throat, helping to normal breathing. Do not forget about the treatment of cold onion and garlic - natural antibiotics to help with various ailments.

- Sensing the start of a cold after serving a day or two at home. Moreover, it is necessary to spend time in bed, not a computer or a plate. Curative dry heat that "lulls" in our beds - the best cure for colds.

Treatment of colds

If, however, the disease has taken root in your body is here to stay, it can not do without drugs. Better, of course, to the treatment of the common cold, and they picked up prescribed by a doctor. However, surveys show that most people prefer to treat colds, without the help of doctors. Only buy medicines in pharmacies proven, because the market is swamped with counterfeit medicines. And most often counterfeited the most popular: analgin, aspirin and other painkillers running and antipyretics.

In the treatment of colds and helps acupressure. When starting a cold, experts advise to press the point adjacent to the wings of the nose, under the nose, and in the middle of the chin. To reduce fever, treat the point, which is right below the elbow joint. When a headache massage the area between the thumb and index finger (if reduced, would be the correct point on top).
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