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Vitamin B-17 kills cancer

It contains vitamin B-17, only the bones of wild and cultivated apple trees in the bones pears, apricots, plums and bitter almonds. That's why a number of corrupt scientists began to write dozens of articles about the dangers of nucleus seed plum and apricot. Supposedly all these seeds are too many poisonous cyanide, which "poisons the human body, it destroys the liver, pancreas and blood-forming organs." It is clear that this was the order, to create in humans deficient in vitamin B17. It is important to know that all these bones are taken from the fresh or dried fruits that have not undergone heat treatment.

Traditional healers are well aware that these bones contains a powerful poison, but they knew more, and then, what has only recently discovered by modern science. What this poison, cyanide, on the human body is absolutely no effect, since it is in communication with substances that it was neutralized. This poison affects only the pathogenic tumor, but not on the human body. It turns out that bone plum, apricot and peach, not only give the body vitamin B17, but their venom destroys cancer. Such therapy can completely cure a person of cancer within six months. In addition to the patient it was recommended to bathe in a bath and the next pour ice water, ride in the snow. Sometimes he was forced to pour water from sleep, and then rolled into a warm coat. All this is done to maximize the immune system. There is one way of getting rid of a serious illness. It requires a strong will of the patient. Typically, this method treated Pomerania.

As you know, on the shore of the White Sea, bees bred people, the more they did not have Southern plants such as aloe or ficus. Therefore, in those places the Russian people, ill with cancer, eating berries hawthorn along with the bones, which also have vitamin B17, drinking a decoction of fungus with milk in large quantities, they ate the fruit of the wild apple tree with seeds and exercise, with all muscle groups. Instead of dumbbells and barbells used stones, sandbags, millstones and iron bars. What does it give? It turns out that during exercise, muscle man lost a huge amount of protein as the protein that a sick person can not replenish it through food. Therefore, the body begins to act - his. It is produced by cells - the killer who ate tumor protein, turning it into amino acids to build muscle. That's why modern bodybuilders cancer almost never get sick, but not eat foods containing vitamin B17. People know much more ways to treat cancer, but these methods, we will not describe because they involve the use of salts of heavy metals (mercuric chloride, mercury chloride), although they are simple and reliable. That is why in modern pharmacies can not buy bleach mercury, although other poisons they sell. That's because the Russian healers to cure cancer mercuric chloride was not difficult. For the prevention of cancer, start with a small amount of seeds: 1-2 a day and work up to 7 - 10 pcs.

Try not to eat refined sugar (sugar feeds cancer cells), caffeine (a very bad effect on the liver and kidneys), and white flour (easily turns into sugar in the body). Bones need to eat within reasonable limits, the basic rule - eat fruit and bone, but no more. How do Hunza (one of the healthiest nations in the land and who apricots staple food). Try to eat more raw foods. Book by AJ. Griffin provides detailed information on research in the field of cancer, which were suspended, and prominent scientists who have been arrested, when they began to advocate the use of vitamin B17. Deficiency symptoms of Vitamin B17: increased susceptibility to cancer fatigue.

Do not "overdo it" with fruit seeds: they contain and extremely dangerous substance - glycoside amygdalin. In the stomach, it is split with the release of hydrocyanic acid (strong poison). Most glycoside found in the seeds of bitter almonds - up to 3.5% and apple - about 0.6%. Hydrocyanic acid blocks the cellular respiration and energy production in the cells, and at a dose of 60 mg in a few seconds is able to cause suffocation. It is especially dangerous to children. It is believed that the risk of bones is greatly exaggerated, as the total concentration of toxic substances is very small. But in any case to abuse eating fruit seeds should not be. We have written this short article for our citizens to realize that a long - long ago found a cure for cancer. But this tool are the chosen ones, the ones that govern our academic science and medicine. Therefore, our official science and "can not" cope with the disease of vitamin B17 deficiency, although traditional healers it easily treated. The myth that cancer incurable created in order to keep the public in fear of death. And creating an artificial shortage of life - an important vitamin, and along with the weakening immune system, those who consider themselves to be the masters of the planet, kill millions of people.

Vitamin B17, also known as Laetrile and Amygdalin was found in most fruit pits, especially apricot. The seed of the apricot was announced cure for all known cancers 35 years ago.

Even with more confidence scientists said that if the seeds are included in the daily diet of human cancer cells had never developed, as well as, for example, people never get sick with scurvy, if he eats a day at least one orange, or pellagra, if the diet includes vitamin B.

Most people with a cancerous tumor in the body, which ate apricot pits or Vitamin B17 in the form of tablets, almost got rid of them. Although cancer patients get rid of the cancer, problems with damage to the vital organs have remained. For their recovery has required other herbs and drugs - and that is another question. Of course, when a person's body through cancer eaten, even the most powerful extract Vitamin B17 can only prolong his life many times longer than chemotherapy. However, in many cases, a strong dose of Laetrile injections many times reduces the pain.

Vitamin B17 is found in the seeds of apples, peaches, cherries, grapes, and apricots. It is found in some beans and many grasses such as wheat cereal. Hard core deep in the apricot is there not to throw it away.

In fact, this dense wooden sheath protects one of the most important foods in the land known to man. It - one of the main components of the diet of the peoples of such cultures as the Indians. The people of these cultures was not observed a single case of cancer, as long as their diet contains a traditional food!

We should not make the seeds of the foundation of our nutritious diet, but we need the equivalent of about seven apricots seeds per day. This amount ensures our freedom from cancer.

Other foods that contain vitamin B-17 are as follows: Hard almonds, millet, beans and others. (Hard almond tree has also been banned in the US a few years ago.)

Apricot seeds have the highest content of B-17s on the ground. They need to chew, despite their bitterness, because they are needed in our diet. They can be added to any food product. They can be crushed and swallowed with a teaspoon of honey. As a precaution, Dr. Krebs (a scientist who discovered the B-17) states that about 7 apricot seeds per day ensures the protection of human cancer forever. One or two tablets B-17 (100 mg) per day - the most appropriate dosage. Health food stores in the United States is no longer selling apricot seeds because of pressure from the FDA, which raided several years to these stores for the presence of Vitamin B17 and apricot seeds.

In almost all cases of cancer, when the B-17 is taken in high doses, cancer tumors shrink. Now before everyone who is treated with chemotherapy, gets a choice: to stop it immediately or keep it painfully wondering about its effectiveness. Those who continue their chemotherapy, waiting for quite a sad result. We understand that as soon as the individual got into the vacuum cycle of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, it is very difficult to get him out of this vicious circle (power medical facilities, prestigious doctors and hospitals). Hundreds of people make the wrong decisions because they still hope that their tumors disappear (this is required to believe). Yes, she is contracted for the period after chemotherapy, but soon begins to grow again, according to its natural process.

To prevent cancer eat 7 to 10 apricots seeds every day (start with a low dose, 1 or 2 seed a day and work up to 7 - 10. Try to eat more raw foods and do not mess with processed foods. If the raw product has to warning label yourself, you already know what to do.

In addition, there is a pancreatic enzyme that helps break down protein wall around the cancerous cells. You can get food by the enzyme from a simple raw pineapple, possibly eat one day pineapple with seeds.

Start taking vitamin C, initially receive low doses (from about 500 to 1000 mg per day) and gradually increase the dose of 10,000 mg per day). It will take some time to prepare your body to new conditions, so do not try too hard to immediately receive large doses. Too large doses can cause headaches, nausea, diarrhea, etc. This does not mean that the product does not operate. On the contrary, it means that your body is detoxifying too quickly, so you need to reduce the dosage. If you want to avoid the painful symptoms, you need to detoxify your body slowly. No matter how much you have to destroy your immune system chemotherapy or radiation, you have to want to restore it as much as possible. One way to do this is associated with probiotics Vetom, they will help to bring your immune system up to the level that is needed to fight cancer and other diseases.

Drink plenty of drinking water. Tea with rosehip.

Squeezed juice is beneficial for your liver. You can buy more beets, mix it with other vegetables and squeeze the juice from them. It is important that you start slow, because at first you may feel unwell. Drink it slowly (about 1/4 cup) and slowly come to large amounts. Beet juice will cleanse your liver of toxins and drop them in the body, since it is one of the best liver cleansers. Drink water (about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day), the best ? € "fresh, clean, which will help you to flush toxins from the body.

Now, regarding the food. You should not have ... refined sugar, caffeine, white flour, and try not to eat meat or eat it in very small quantities. You can eat meat, but the meat itself takes just those digestive enzymes that help break down protein wall around the cancerous cells.

It should be strictly excluded from their diet tobacco and alcohol.

As is always the case with any new thing, you have to start small. Do what your body tells you. But, if you feel sick when you start to do what has never been done, do not be alarmed. This does not mean that the new program is not running. Just takes time, so the body was reconstructed, and any restructuring can be painful. Maybe you started with too high a dosage. Natural products immediately begin to remove toxins from your body, and if you do it too fast, it can make you feel sick (these symptoms are similar to flu). Then reduce the dosage and start again slowly raise it.

The views of many leading doctors and scientists who confidently declare to you that cancer is a direct consequence of the failure in the body of vitamin B-17. Remember that scurvy, rickets, pellagra, were the result of lack of vitamins B and C. It took centuries (and the millions of lives) before kings and medical industry of the time accepted the simple truth and come to the vitamin solution as drugs. Today, we are in the same position with respect to cancer. Cancer - an epidemic of this century. And only we can prevent it.

Vitamin harmless to the tissues of the body for a simple reason: Each molecule of B17 is one of cyanide compound, one - benzoldehida and two compounds of glucose (sugar), densely packed together. To become dangerous cyanide, you first need to "open" the molecule and release him, he was capable of only an enzyme called beta-glucosidase. This enzyme is present throughout the body in minimal amounts, but almost 100 times more than in its cancer.

Therefore, cyanide is released only in cancerous areas of the body with striking results fatal to cancer cells because benzoldehid also released at the same time. It is a deadly poison in its properties, but in conjunction with cyanide it becomes even 100 times more deadly. Effects produced by cancer cells can provide the imagination.

Apricot pits - 1 kg. from 400 to 600 pieces depending on the size of the bones (depending on the grade apricot). Bones may also differ from one another flavor: bitterness and aroma that is allowed. Application: To break the bone and remove the seed.

As prophylaxis of cancers take from 7 to 10 daily apricot seeds. Starting with a low dosage of 1 -2 day seeds and increase to 7-10 seeds. Be sure to: Take all day, chewing thoroughly (not all at once), you can add a little honey.

For cancer treatment amount of seeds can be increased gradually to 1 seed per hour reception. The circuit is designed for a person weighing 70 kg, in some cases, the dose can be increased up to 30 seeds per day.
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