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Cleansing the body of folk remedies

Cleansing the body of folk remediesCleansing the body at home attractive and because the procedures used for improving people's money, usually of plant origin. Vessels, blood, intestines, liver cleaned with a meal that is maximally natural. After purification procedure improves the skin condition, the face becomes fresh, missing spots on the face and back, restores mental clarity and ability to concentrate. It improves memory, the day turns out to have time to do much more. Gone chronic diseases, colds rarely happen, because the forces immunity is no longer distracted by the fight against toxins and poisons. Insomnia disappears and there is more reason to enjoy life.

Significant damage does regular overeating. Many people consume large quantities of protein foods rich in animal fats and starch. Not all adhere to the principles of the right food and drink products only incongruous. Eventually shown an imbalance between energy intake and its consumption. Some harmful substances from food received is accumulated in the intestines, is deposited on the walls of blood vessels in the form of cholesterol remains in the joints and in the adipose tissue. Mass toxins is in the connective tissue and interstitial fluid. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, you need to perform regular cleansing of toxins and impurities.

For best results, it is necessary to carry out cleansing of the body in a certain sequence:

Starting recovery need to intestines, as it appears through the mass of harmful substances. And if he is dirty, cleaning the remaining bodies would be more problematic.
Cleansing the body of folk remediesCleansing the body through fasting
Cleansing the body of folk remedies Perhaps the most simple and accessible is the purification of the body through fasting. Man for some time (3-5 days) is no longer eat. It is difficult, at this time the person has a certain weakness, drowsiness, weakness. If feelings become unbearable hunger better than to interrupt. But if you can easily carry the hunger, gradually bringing hunger to 7 or even 10 days. Gradually - hence, for two to three weeks, you do not eat just one day a week.
Then once a month starving for three days, and a month later (keeping a fasting day per week) can starve 5 days. According to the well-known advocate of a healthy lifestyle GP Malakhov, true starvation begins only 4 hours.
Prior to this organism lives at the expense of the accumulated reserves of carbohydrates. If you suffer from any chronic illness, prolonged fasting should only be done under medical supervision. To do this, there are health centers specializing in medical starvation. If it is not possible to get high quality medical supervision, it is better not to starve for a long time, and not merely one or two days a week.
Not only cleans, but also losing weight
Naturally, during fasting intensively reduced weight. The organism is released from work for the digestion of food and the result is cleansed of toxins. The adipose tissue metabolism occurs very slowly, so the fat roughage most. When the body is deprived of food, in the case are fat reserves. Fat is burned and toxins out of the body naturally.
Pathogenic microorganisms, which have in the intestine of each person during fasting is deprived of daily "allowance" and dies, and its place is taken by the beneficial bacteria. How can they take it? They live in the intestines constantly, as well as putrefactive bacteria, but the resulting starvation useful microflora begins to dominate. As a result, after a hunger strike, you will feel that bowel problems, tormented you for a long time had disappeared.
The organism is cleared, exit out of hunger
Very important is the correct way out of starvation. After a prolonged hunger strike, I can not eat a lot. On the first day after the 5-7-day hunger strike to eat vegetable salads (dressed with lemon juice and vegetable oil, but not mayonnaise), raw fruits and vegetables.
And the first portions of food should be not more than one or two spoons ... an hour later another spoon, and so on.. In two days, bring a portion of lettuce to half its normal portions. Do not forget that during the fasting volume of the stomach is reduced, and you'll easily be filled with much less food than before the hunger strike.
To save the result of the hunger strike (a clear mind, perfect working intestines, clear skin), you need to constantly maintain a certain nutritional diet. The food should be given preference for vegetables and fruits as possible to eliminate fried, fat, flour minimized. Older people should be completely excluded from the diet of fresh milk, eggs, all the hard food. Of course, it is desirable to completely quit smoking and, if possible, do not drink alcohol.
Cleansing the body of folk remediesCleaning the body activated carbon
Cleansing the body of folk remedies so that the next way of cleansing - purification activated carbon. Who does not know about the activated carbon, a cheap and effective drug, a universal antidote, which is not digested, it is not absorbed, but because of its porous structure of a simple carbon, soaking in everything. But unfortunately, after the toxins, he was indifferent serenity suck with microelements and vitamins.
If its application is prohibited alcohol, sweet, salt, flour. But that's for the best, along with postroyneete. Also, activated carbon will contribute to the improvement of allergy, asthma, hepatitis acute and chronic, withdrawal syndrome.
Within 10-14 days to make charcoal for 1tab 10 kg, t. E at 70 -7 kg of tablets per day, rounded up. At the same time it is not necessary to take other medicines, activated carbon will successfully neutralize their effect. It is desirable to drink more pure water (2-2, 5 liters per day).
Activated charcoal has contraindications. It can not be in the ulcerative processes in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract, a tendency to bleed.
Cleansing the body at home
Colon Cleansing folk remedies
Effective and most natural way to mechanically clean the intestines - to eat as much food containing fat. For example, the bran. Under the influence of moisture bran greatly increased in volume and become a sort of "sponge" for its walls. Fiber is not digested and naturally derived, besides it increased volume improves peristalsis. Swollen fiber absorbs toxins and wastes, removes the remains of rotting food, the results of activity of pathogenic microorganisms. Bran can be bought at a drugstore and clean their body twice a year. Instead bran can use bagasse remaining after the preparation of a natural juice - for example carrots.
Cleansing the liver of folk remedies
Effective cleansing the liver in the home with the help of oil and lemon juice is contraindicated in the presence of gallstones. Therefore, without ultrasound of internal organs purified in this manner it is prohibited. Otherwise there is a risk of falling on the operating table. Folk remedy, black radish juice - that's how much safer to clean the liver. Radish carefully washed, cut into small pieces with peel and mince. Then, from the resulting cake squeeze the juice. The purified juice begins with 1 tsp who drink one hour after each meal. Gradually increase the dose and bring to a half cup. This method is rather slow - toxins and wastes out gradually. If a sore right side, it is possible to put a hot water bottle. When cleaning is necessary to use oat grains, rather than a flake. Take a glass of oats, grains are washed, dried and ground in a coffee grinder. Then 1s.l. the resulting flour is poured into a thermos and poured a liter of boiling water. After 12 hours, the infusion is ready. Take 1 cup one hour before meals, three times a day for 2-3 months.
Early liver cleansing folk remedies allows less sick, it helps to reduce weight and keep it in the optimal range.
Cleansing the body of folk remediesCleansing vessels folk remedies
Cleansing the body of folk remedies simple recipe for cleansing the body of vessels at home. It is no secret that clean vessels from cholesterol is carried out for the prevention of hypertension, atherosclerosis, and memory impairment. As a result of poor nutrition on their walls formed plaque on which is better to get rid as soon as possible. Constricted blood vessels begin to miss less blood, and the heart to maintain blood flow to organs at the same level, we have to work much more intensively. Cholesterol plaques are formed from the abuse of products containing animal fat: lard, butter, fatty dairy products.
Recipe purification vessels from cholesterol is simple. Take four garlic bulbs, four lemon. Wash the lemons, peel the garlic and miss lemons and garlic through a meat grinder, and lemon with peel scroll. The resulting mixture was placed in a three-liter jar and fill with warm water. Infuse for three days at room temperature, stirring occasionally. Strain the infusion and store it in the refrigerator. Purification of vessels using the infusion of garlic carried out three times a day, a single portion - a little less than half a glass. Starting treatment, you need to put infuse second bank staff for cleaning. For when the first bank was ready just following. Total need to drink four cans infusion with garlic and lemon. One jar is consumed in about ten days. This rate of improvement is useful to once a year.
Cleansing the heart of folk remedies
The heart needs to be purified from salts, dead cells, mucus and so on. D. Take 1 liter of milk and 3 rustic lemon. In the morning on an empty stomach, drink a third gulp of milk and juice of one lemon; However, in the 12 hours as well as at night.
Duration of treatment - 1 - 2 weeks (the larger the better). Well, if you can not eat anything else all the time. But since it's difficult to limit yourself to food. Anyway, sit down completely to a vegetarian diet - protein food refuse (except milk that you drink).
Purification of the pancreas
To cleanse the pancreas using parsley. Pass 2 kg of fresh parsley through the meat grinder, pour 3.5 liters of milk and cook 1-1.5 hours long, while all will not resemble the consistency of porridge.
This facility is to be divided into three portions and eat for three days. In the period of purification can no longer eat anything.
After cleansing for a few days drink more mineral water. It is necessary to restore the body the required amount of salt.
Boil the lemon, cut off from it in one place the peel, squeeze out the juice and add 1 egg yolk. Mix well and drink on an empty stomach.
This should be done repeatedly: 3 days after the first time, and then after 6, 12 and 30 days.
If you have problems with the pancreas, which are accompanied by violation of blood sugar, bay leaf used. Take 10 laurel leaves and fill them in a thermos 300 ml of boiling water, soak the day. The infusion drain and take 50 ml 20 - 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment - 2 weeks.
In no case do not increase the dose, it is dangerous!
Cleansing thyroid folk remedies
The main problem, which is associated with the thyroid gland, is the lack of iodine. Therefore, you should take either iodine or iodine just drink milk, which increases its absorption. Take a glass of milk, add the 2-3 drops of iodine; Drink this remedy once or twice a week.
One of the best means of purification and treatment of thyroid gland - seaweed, which is rich in iodine. It should take in food as much as possible, and no matter in what form; it can be either dried and preserved. Eat sea cabbage during the week, then take a week break and repeat again.
Cleansing the body of folk remediesCleansing the lungs of folk remedies
Cleansing the body of folk remedies Take half a liter of juice of black radish, beet, carrot and half a liter of vodka. All combine in an enamel saucepan, cover, obmazhte test that there will not penetrate the air and put in the oven 1-1.5 hours. Do not remove the pan from the oven as long as it cools. Take this remedy should be 50 g 3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment - 1 month. If necessary, it can be repeated, making a ten-day break.
Tea with oregano to cleanse the lungs. Tea with oregano wonderful antiseptic, protects against allergies, and tea with violet activates ciliated epithelium, which lined our airways. For tea, take a tablespoon of oregano and Viola tricolor, pour 1/2 liters of boiling water for one hour. Drink as a tea two or three times a day without adding sugar (well add dried fruit). Tea gradually clears the lungs of tar and dust without exerting expectorant effect.
Cleansing joints folk remedies
At home, cleanse the body of salt deposits accumulated in the joints and bones, can be using bay leaves or rice.
How to cleanse the body of salt bay leaf. Bay leaves (3-5g) is ground, brewed 300 ml of boiling water and languishing on low heat or in a water bath for 10 minutes. Then the composition demineralized poured into a thermos and insist for 4 hours. The procedure is performed three-day course. Every day to drink 300 ml of infusion prepared. Moreover, it is best to distribute the reception for the whole day, in small portions over half an hour. Recipe home cleansing from salt deposits by means of bay leaf should be reapplied after a week's break.
Purification of rice. Rice also allows display of bones and joints of the body excess salt. In the evening 3st.l. rice pour 1 liter of cold boiled water. In the morning drain the water, rice and pour fresh water and cook for 5 minutes. Then drain the water again. Pour over rice with fresh water again and cook for 5 minutes. After four treatments the rice is ready. After his admission to more effectively cleanse the three o'clock can not eat. During the day, you can eat the usual way, rice diet only in the mornings. During treatment the body is recommended to include in the diet of a variety of dried fruits. Rice cleaning effect it based on the fact that the rice turns into deliberately sorbent, which is much better absorbs salt. The course rice diet - 10 days.
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