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How to get rid of papillomas at home

The disease is called HPV, and that pleases - no danger to human life is not. But the inconvenience - all the time.
First look small "buds" are not very aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, constantly injured clothing or if you accidentally hook for them. Those who have experienced this, confirm that the bra can hurt papilloma and washcloth, and it's very painful.
Papilloma - a benign, small papillary process of the skin, which is manifested in its upper layers. He appears when infecting organism papilloma virus, and from time to time dozing peacefully. It consists of fat mass, size - no more than 5 - 15 mm. in length, from pink to dark brown.
There are usually groups of papillae on the back, the neck, under the arms, in intimate places, the face and hands. There are several types: plantar, genital, flat. And that is unpleasant, appearing one time, they will appear again and again, due to the viral origin of the disease.
The impetus for the manifestation of the disease is often a weakening of the immune system. This happens at frequent colds, stress, antibiotics, pregnancy.
According to statistics, up to 75% of all inhabitants of our planet are infected with this nasty virus. But in malignancy papillomavirus can not be reborn - it is proved by scientists. And this means that you need to deal with them and might not fear cause major harm to the body. The only thing that should be paid attention to: the wound after the removal process should be disinfected, as well as the rest of the skin around it.
How to get rid of papillomas at home
1. First of all, in the treatment of warts at home, it is necessary to lift immunity.
Try to provide the body with vitamin C in its entirety. Your diet must constantly be present foods rich in them - lemons, peppers, grapefruit, black currant.
Instead of the traditional black tea drink herbal teas of marigold leaves, oregano. Buy at the pharmacy and constantly take vitamin complexes with selenium, calcium and zinc.

How to get rid of papillomas at home

2. Make an infusion of herbs nettle, lemon balm, plantain, horsetail and chopped dandelion root. Tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of water and when boils, then on low heat for 10 minutes, then wrap and let stand for 3 hours. Drink a quarter cup before meals during the week. This infusion will raise immunity.

3. Almost every house has a hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and lemon juice. This longer procedure, but is also effective. Several times a day to lubricate these funds.

How to get rid of papillomas at home

4. Acquire the essential oil of eucalyptus, lemon or tea tree - they are no less effective. Lubricate daily processes before going to bed.

5. Castor oil. Daily lubricate them growths and cover tape. A week later, they will fall off, as in castor oil contains harmful to papillomas acid.

How to get rid of papillomas at home

6. Celandine. In any pharmacy you can buy the juice of celandine in a concentrated form. And if you can, then do yourself a salve from dried grass. Grind it and stir in any hand cream. Ointment such stored in the refrigerator for 2 - 3 months. Be warned: this ointment on your face can not be used. Read more to get rid of warts at home with the help of celandine read here.
Instead of celandine can use garlic juice, it is also mixed with cream and put on the problem areas, and then on top of having stuck plaster.

7. The treatment can be carried out and the fresh juice of celandine. Moisten them process the surface and fix plaster. Remove the build-up and, if not dropped in two days, then repeat the procedure.
Mix fresh chopped herbs with a succession of celandine and wood fungus, also crushed. A tablespoon of this mixture, pour half a cup of boiling water and let stand for 3 hours. Infusion freeze in molds for ice and regularly apply to problem areas three times a day for a few minutes. Tincture raises immunity and fights the virus.

8. Walnut. To get rid of warts at home make a tincture of green nuts collected at the stage of lactic ripeness. Pass it through a meat grinder, add a half-liter jar, fill it with a little more than half and add pure kerosene. To tincture to be effective, it should stand 3 weeks, after which it is filtered. Lubricate sprouts twice a day, before their disappearance.

9. If the process has only recently, it will take him a normal protein of chicken eggs - it scraped from the walls of the shell (if not pity, then take the whole egg). Grease build-up and leave as long as the protein is dry. Then apply another layer. The procedure is repeated for several days, until the buds are not completely dry up.

How to get rid of papillomas at home

10. Rowan and wormwood. The juice of these plants - known rustic tool for a long time. Treat simple: they lubricate growths several times a day.

11. Aloe and Kalanchoe. Here, you will help the leaves of these plants. Leaves should be taken from the bushes, over five years. Cut them lengthwise and attach to the build-up, gluing adhesive on 4 - 8 hours. The procedure is repeated for 10 days.

A few ways to get rid of papillomas:
1. Searing. This is perhaps the most ancient way of dealing with processes, we know more about ancient Egypt. Then it made a very barbaric manner - applied charred firebrand, then crusted nipple and quickly disappears.
Nowadays, doctors are more gentle methods - sear, for example, liquid nitrogen. also have the ability to burn the papilla in the home - the cryogenic liquid is sold in pharmacies (it is applied with a special applicator). When using it to keep in mind that you need to burn only directly process itself, without affecting the skin around it.

2. Also in pharmacies can buy lyapisny pencil - the old and proven tool, which includes silver nitrate. It perfectly and helps to remove common warts, and for the treatment of corns (more tips to combat this scourge read by clicking on the link).

3. drugstores and special adhesive strips for the removal of papillae, impregnated composition, destroying them. Strips applied for 3 hours, then moistened with warm water to remove was not hurt.

4. Make a mixture of aspirin, boric acid and iodine in equal proportions, spreading it with 100 ml. alcohol. Grease build-up of ear swab twice daily.
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