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» » Herbal treatment of cancer. Echinacea and Oncology

Herbal treatment of cancer. Echinacea and Oncology

it was concluded in laboratory studies of this plant in the presence of anti-tumor properties of Echinacea. Other studies have shown that echinacea can greatly enhance the immune system. It is believed that echinacea can enhance immunity in the cancer treatment and may protect against certain forms of cancer.

Herbal treatment of cancer. Echinacea and Oncology

Found property is determined by the contents of the echinacea. The structure of the plant includes a thorough list of useful substances. This polysaccharides (known for their immunostimulatory properties) is and flavonoids (such as cichoric acid and its methyl ester, etc.), this essential oil. Also listed polyenes and alkamido. It is these components seriously affect the support of the immune system, which itself is struggling with the emergence and development of cancer.

It is interesting that the combined use of Echinacea with extracts of medicinal mushrooms, which also helps to strengthen overall immunity during cancer treatment.
However, more research is needed to determine the potential role of echinacea in the fight against cancer. A small study of German doctors found that patients with advanced colon cancer who used it in combination with standard chemotherapy, echinacea allowed to prolong survival.

Presumably Echinacea increases the immune system's ability to fight against the invasion of cancer cells.
In the study, it was found that Echinacea stimulates white blood cells that help fight infections in the body. The same study found that Echinacea boosts the activity of certain white blood cells macrophages. In particular, a glycoprotein found in echinacea, greatly increases the ability of tumor cells to exposure macrophages.

Herbal treatment of cancer. Echinacea and Oncology

This information want to show the direction for reflection. Yes, echinacea and oncology related. About echinacea can write a lot. And herbal treatment of cancer big topic. If you want to look for in the search engines additional information, necessarily talk to an oncologist inclusion in the treatment protocol echinacea.

Excellent fit echinacea for the prevention of cancer. Find it at any company that supplies dietary supplements. The only advice - estimate the amount of investment of active ingredient per capsule. As you know one capsule does not solve the problem. And the quality of different companies will vary. However, a better way to try to improve the operation of receiving Echinacea immune system rather than simply wait ...

Take as a rule - any means to fight with cancer should be used in conjunction with other features. Then it may happen mutual reinforcement of each other. And do not lie down and wait to be ...
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