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Folk remedies for insomnia

If insomnia appears frequently or becomes chronic, it can cause low immunity, constant depression, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Experts identify two main reasons for insomnia: psychological disorders, such as depression, and greater mental overload characteristic of the scientific and creative figures. Such violations require mandatory treatment. There are other factors that are causing problems with night sleep: chronic pain, a change of scenery, an uncomfortable bed, disturbing thoughts. Whatever the cause of insomnia, it will help cure methods of traditional medicine.

Home Treatment

Problems getting to sleep disturbed people since ancient times. Therefore, apart from the official medical methods for treating mankind has created an arsenal of "popular" means.

herbal treatment

This tool, invented by nature itself, used since ancient times. Natural herbs have virtually no contraindications, side effects, not addictive and effectively cope with insomnia.

Folk remedies for insomnia

Pharmaceutical camomile. Take 25 g of flowers and plants pour two cups of boiling water. Boil chamomile 4 minutes and leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Strained broth drink before going to bed with honey. Chamomile not only calm but also get rid of chronic headaches.

Primrose. Pour cup of boiling water 15 g of dried flowers. Boil them for 15 minutes. Strain broth and take after dinner 1 glass.

The infusion of hops. Dry hops (1 tbsp. Spoonful) pour a cup of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. Strained broth can be sweetened with honey. Should take half a glass at dinner and at bedtime. The infusion of hops is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

Dill. You can use fresh herbs or seeds pharmacy. Pour 1 tbsp. dill spoon cup boiling water and leave for two hours. Take a decoction before meals (pre-strain) half a cup and a glass before going to bed.

Tea with lemon balm. Easy to brew a delicious drink and a good help for insomnia and calm. Take 2 hours. Tablespoons lemon balm, pour a glass of boiling water. After 20 minutes the tea is ready. People suffering from hypotension, use it with caution as lemon balm is capable to reduce the pressure.

Drug pad. Mix the tarragon and thyme (you can replace it with mint), in equal parts, and 2 parts of hops. Sew blend of herbs in a small bag and keep it in the headboard.

Recipe Broysa. This infusion treats even chronic insomnia. Crush and mix 10 g of valerian root, 40 grams of leaves and roots of dandelion, 50 g of marjoram, 30 g of mistletoe. The mixture must be filled two mugs of boiling water and infuse overnight. Ready broth out of the cold, but warm up before taking. Should take 2/3 cup of infusion for a couple of hours before bedtime. Herbal decoction prescription Broysa not recommended for people with gastrointestinal disorders, heart disease and blood vessels, blood pressure problems, as well as during pregnancy.


Aromatic oils will lead to normal nervous system, stabilize the emotional background, gently withdraw from stress, remove irritation, will give a feeling of comfort and help to cope with the problems that have led to insomnia.

Folk remedies for insomnia

*Lavender oil. Lubricate them the forehead and whiskey before going to bed. It is possible to use lavender oil inside, dropping it on a piece of sugar, but you can not do during pregnancy, anemia, epilepsy, reduced pressure, while taking drugs with iron and iodine.

*Fragrant bath. Add the warm water, 3 drops of any essential oil: basil, valerian, chamomile, anise, rosewood. Such a bath, taken before bedtime, great place to relax and help sleep peacefully.

*Massage with essential oils. Make a mixture of 1 part rosemary oil, 3 pieces of ginger and 10 parts of corn oil. This massage can be done on their own, lightly rubbing oil all over his body.

Special diet

soporific effect has onions or green onions, so before bedtime can eat vegetable salad with onion;

if in a glass of warm milk stir a spoonful of liquid honey and drink after dinner, quietly pass the night;

drunk an hour before bedtime anti-stress drink will saturate and calm. It should be prepared as follows: take a banana, Art. a spoonful of chopped hazelnuts, half a glass of milk, h. spoon sprouted grains of wheat. All components mix in a blender;

buckwheat - an ancient remedy for insomnia. It should be consumed slowly 4 times a day;

Mix a glass of lemon juice, 2 tbsp. spoons of pounded walnut and 30 ml spoon buckwheat honey. Take a useful product for 1 st. spoon in the evening

Recommendations somnology

Specialists involved in sleep disorders, developed recommendations to help normalize the process of falling asleep:

Folk remedies for insomnia

for half an hour before bedtime, stop intense mental activity, disconnect from everyday problems. At this time you need to think about what causes positive emotions. Read a book that does not require serious reflection;

if sleep prevents extraneous noise, use ear plugs.

walk before going to bed, it is very useful in any weather. If the trip is not possible, within 20 minutes ventilate the room where you are going to sleep. Well, if you provide fresh air into the room, even at night;

do not eat just before bedtime, during the evening meal do not overeat. The best way to easily dine for 2 hours before bedtime. However, hunger will also contribute to insomnia, so you can drink a cup of milk product, if necessary;

do not drink before going to bed a lot. In the evening, try to use the water as needed. In the afternoon, eliminate coffee drinks, strong tea, alcohol, do not smoke;
go to bed and rise from bed at the same time. This advice applies to both labor and to the weekends;

Psychologists have proved that the interior of the bedrooms has an impact on the quality of sleep. Therefore it is necessary to arrange the room and the bed so that the layout adjusts to the dream: bright bulb replace weak lamps, linens select dark colors, get the best of a hard mattress and small bags, put the bedroom blooming geranium;

if you wake up during the night and could not sleep again for 20 minutes, do not fight with insomnia - it is useless. It is best in this situation to stay in bed, listen to music, or read stories to tie up until not a dream come. No matter when you went to sleep, get up in the morning is strictly at a certain time;

In the struggle with insomnia do not forget that even the harmless herbal treatment should always be coordinated with the doctor. Especially, you must be careful during pregnancy and lactation. The efficacy of traditional medicines will increase, if you do the recommendations of psychologists. Remember that herbal remedies can not be combined with alcohol and drugs that affect the central nervous system.
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