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» » Folk remedies in inflammation of the gums.

Folk remedies in inflammation of the gums.

Salt in inflammation of the gums
With gum disease copes salt. You can take a sea or, in extreme cases, cookery. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. After a meal in the lower solution toothbrush and brush her teeth and gums. It is possible at least once a day to rub the gums in sea salt.

Miraculous mixture of gum
A few tablespoons of sea salt to grind in a coffee grinder to a fine powder. Thoroughly wash and clean a few bananas. Peel them dry by paper tissues and also grind. Mix the salt with the powder from the skins of bananas, add the olive oil. Pasta should get a paste. She lubricate the affected places. We'll have to endure the pain. The procedure to perform the morning and evening. Very quickly, the gums become healthier

Vodka with cinnamon from gum disease
Use popular recipe from gum disease. You'll need vodka and cinnamon. They say that these two means perfect treat gum disease. In a glass of vodka, add 6-8 Art. spoonfuls of cinnamon. Let sit (better a week). Strain. A solution for rinsing the mouth and teeth ready. In no case do not swallow it!

Celandine relieve inflammation of the gums
One tablespoon of herbs to grind, add water and simmer for half an hour. Then cover the container with a lid and put in a cool place. Keep forty minutes. The resulting infusion filter. Rinse them mouth. Be particularly careful where there is inflammation. Believe me, after some time of their trouble, and you do not remember

St. John's wort healthier gums
For the prevention of gum disease using St. John's wort. Make a strong decoction. At night, be sure to rinse their throats, teeth and gums. If the hand is not St. John's wort, can buy pharmacy tincture of this herb and dilute it with water.

Blackberry strengthen gums
The perfect tonic for gums - blackberry leaves. They should be chewed daily.

Folk remedies in inflammation of the gums.

To strengthen the gums and teeth will help coffee
The recipe is quite simple, although it requires time to prepare. We need natural coffee beans and sugar powder. Coffee beans fry in hot skillet so that they were charred. Do not be afraid to overcook them. The larger the roast, the better. The grains should be ground into powder using a coffee grinder. Then mix 1 part of ground coffee with 2 parts of powdered sugar. This mixture is necessary to massage the gums. The easiest way to do it with a soft toothbrush, so as not to injure the gums and so weak. This massage is carried out 2 - 3 times a day. After the massage, it is necessary to rinse the mouth with a special solution. It is also good strengthens the gums and cleans them bleeding. For solution buy in a drugstore calendula tincture 1 tbsp tincture diluted in 1/2 cup of warm boiled water and this solution to rinse your mouth after each massage. So you can get rid of the inflammation and bleeding of the gums for a few weeks

Strengthens the gums, so they are not inflamed

Often inflamed gums? They hurt and bleed?

There are wonderful traditional medicines, time-tested. For example, such.
• To strengthen the gums will help you to courses of treatment with honey and salt. To do this, take 1 tbsp. l. honey
stir it for 1 tsp. salt and rub the mixture into the gums. To use this mixture, you must wait to fully dissolve the salt in honey.

• It is also very good at helping rose oil. From it passes looseness gums, they cease
hurt and become inflamed. Mix it with any vegetable oil in a ratio of 4 drops of rose oil to 2 tablespoons normal oil.

You can rinse your mouth with infusion of rose petals. Take them 2 tbsp. l., pour 0.5 cups of boiling water and let stand, and rinse with warm infusion.
Use only domestic rose rather than purchased with "chemistry". If you do not have your roses, limit natural oil of roses.

And you can mix 2 parts of oak bark powder and 1 part lime color. Pour 1 tsp. a mixture of 1 cup of boiling water, put on fire and heat 3 minutes. Then let it brew, cool, then strain. Rinse your mouth with warm broth several times a day.

These procedures relieve pain and redness of the gums, strengthen them, reduce bleeding and other uncomfortable symptoms. To achieve stable results, do not interrupt the treatment at half way, and engaged in rubbing and rinsing consecutive 2-3 months.
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