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» » Treatment of gastritis folk remedies

Treatment of gastritis folk remedies

Treatment of gastritis folk remedies

Symptoms and causes of gastritis

The main symptoms of uniting gastritis, are a pain and abdominal discomfort. It is also possible burning, in some cases, and nausea.

When a regular above symptoms, you should see a doctor. It will determine the exact diagnosis, as well as a variety of gastritis.

The causes of this disease, there is more than enough. However, knowing the most common, as well as avoiding them, you can prevent its occurrence.

One of the more well-known causes of gastritis is alcohol. The use of large doses it destroys the stomach wall and the entire system of the gastrointestinal tract.

Another reason is the failure to comply with the elementary rules of hygiene, and as a result of the multiplication in the gut bacteria and fungi. It is therefore necessary to follow the personal hygiene and freshness of the used products.

In some known cases, gastritis based on the nervous system. Stress, depression, frustration and feelings - all this should be avoided in order not to expose themselves to the disease and not allow it to seize the upper hand over you.

If a person has ever had a suspicion of gastritis and already was listed on the examination by a doctor, it is with the greatest care to monitor their daily diet. Launched gastritis if left untreated can lead to ulcers.

It is already a serious problem that can bring you much more damage. That is why early treatment can prevent irreversible consequences for your health.

Treatment of gastritis folk remedies

Folk remedies for gastritis

Do not forget that the treatment of "grandmother" methods does not negate the proper nutrition and diet. It is thanks to the reconciliation of the two components, you can achieve a good result in the recovery of the stomach.

1) Herbal treatment is the most public and popular method. Fans of this method confirmed its positive effects and efficiency.

Gathering herbs tysyacheletnika, hypericum and calendula flower clusters must be carefully grind. Then dilute with half a liter of boiled water. Drink before meals, five or six tablespoons.

Regular intake of decoction contributes to the rapid recovery. Within 12-14 days you will see a clear improvement in the situation with his health.

2) The benefits of the potato juice is said already a lot of accolades. He is also a great help in the treatment of gastritis. It is particularly effective in diseases accompanied by hyperacidity.

The recipe is simple enough juice. Thoroughly wash the potatoes on top. Then, without getting rid of the peel, squeeze out the juice any way you want by. It should take for forty minutes before a meal.

Treatment of gastritis folk remedies

Start with a tablespoon, then increase the dosage to half a glass for a month.

3) propolis, as well as infusion of herbs for the treatment of gastric disease is an efficient and effective way. Propolis tincture is quite possible to prepare yourself. It is even more desirable than its purchase at the pharmacy. So you definitely will gain confidence in its freshness and purity.

For DIY cooking need to buy fifty grams of fresh propolis and fill it with a half liter of alcohol or vodka. Insisting propolis week, it is necessary from time to time to shake it and store in a dark place.

Propolis tincture is used to treat must be as follows: ten drops diluted in the glass of water and drink half an hour before meals. Please also regularly. This will help in the treatment.

4) Cabbage juice helps to normalize the excellent work of the stomach. Fresh cabbage leaves need to chop and squeeze the juice of half a glass, which must be insisted on for four hours.
Drink should be after, but no later than one hour before going to eat.
Treatment of gastritis folk remedies

5) Sea buckthorn oil is a long-recognized in the treatment of many diseases. Among their number and their gastritis. Buy this tool can be a pharmacy near your home.

Take a teaspoon should be better in just a few minutes before a meal. This recipe is used for a long time and shows good results in the fight against gastritis.

6) Quail eggs are also an assistant for gastritis. Rumors, by the way are often spread about the alleged transfer of quail eggs salmonellosis - pure fiction, because the quail this "bird" and a disease does not affect.

Drinking every day before meals for raw egg, you will notice as gastritis will begin to recede.

7) Hydrogen peroxide is able to save you from gastritis.
On the first day before meals to drink a solution consisting of fifty milliliters of water and one drop of hydrogen peroxide.

Each day it is necessary to add supplementary drop on fifty milliliters of water to ten days the solution consisted of ten drops of the same volume.

After ten days, it is desirable to make a break for four days and be tested. Then you need to continue the course until they are cured.

In conclusion, we can say that gastritis, needs timely treatment. Do not expose himself to the development of diseases originating from it, because it is also very dangerous.

Medicines are not always effective and can cause a lot of problems with other organs.

Therefore, traditional medicine and always considered the most successful and highly effective in the treatment. Monitor your health and do not remain indifferent to it!
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